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  1. Nooooo! its happened again! This time at 1416mhz for some reason! I dont have a clue why this keeps happening!
  2. Ok, thanks for the info. Aren't xp-120s really heavy and possibly risky? and wouldnt that + 120mm fan be a bit too xpensive? (i can get the freezer 64pro for £12 in uk). I'm not ready to do water cooling yet... I reckon I wont be doing raid to start (i'll just do the reinstall and get it working properly). I may do raid 1 or 0 in future though, mainly for backup reasons. OH WAIT: just checked mbm5 again and now it is saying that my cpu is running at only 1458MHZ!!! Thats like 500mhz too slow! I havent done anything that could have slowed it down. Is there anything i can do to fix that??? EDIT: Rebooted and its gone back to 2010mhz (what it usually is roughly). As well as the speed going back up, the temps have gone back up . So i guess the low temps were because of the speed problem. Anyway, any advice on the xp-120 vs f64pro situation?
  3. Just moved my pc so that it is on a low table thingy that I made, to the side of my desk, instead of under my desk, and the temps have dropped quite a bit: CPU idle: 29-33 CPU Load: 33-39 PWMIC: 29-40 NF4 Chipset: 37-44 HDD: 38-53 GPU Core: 42-48
  4. Ok, thanks. Just before I buy, Is it fairly straightforward to do change this? (and i guess warranty is void right?) Ok, though i am looking to do 160gb (not raided in anyway)+250gb(with raid mirror for the 250gb ONLY) Ok, then maybe that would work. Do you konw any good places where I can find out more about this (about raid 5)? Oh, and so you all reckon that it isn't worth changing the cpu or gfx cooling?
  5. @thefabe Ok, thanks. I'll keep it as it is. Any advice on the hard drives? ^^See previous post^^ Any advice on the cooling? (CPU, where can get the replacement chipset fan in the uk)
  6. I had a look here. If you skim through the testing results, it seems that the WD Caviar SE16s and the Seagate 7200.10s are about the same performance-wise (one is usually better than the other at a specific thing, but it varies per test). Though one thing is that the WD SE16s are quieter, according to those tests. I guess I could get another one of what I have (or maybe the 160gb version). Oh yeah - something i was wondering: Is it possible to have 3 drives set up like this: 250GB+205GB (raid mirror - not sure what called eg 1 or 0) + 160GB (not raided to anything). The 160GB would be for OS, Apps/Games, the 250GB would be for data, which would be mirror raided onto another (incase one fails - backup purpose). Or is there another type of raid that lets you use the full 250+250=500GB, but will still mirror one onto the other (or mirror part of it, not sure)? @tasr - well, the bottom of the hdd is in line with the top 1/4 of the front intake fan (120mm). @ganders75 - ok, I think i''l stick with my current bios. There doesn't seem to be any problem with it. Though there is one thing - I have a webcam plugged into my computer, which can be removed and used as a regular camera (it has flash memory in it). Sometimes, If it is switched on, the bios tells me that the boot devices priority has changed, and that i have to press F1 to continue (a minor annoyance). Is there a way around this? And one more Bios-related question: Is there a way to make the initial turning on / POST (everything before it starts booting the OS) go any faster? It seems to take about 15-20 seconds usually, and this seems a bit slow (if not, then i can live with it).
  7. Thanks for the quick responses! @21Motorcraft - Thanks for the links. Is it safe / easy to install the replacement chipset cooler? And can I get it in the uk anywhere? @tasr - So you reckon I don't need to update the BIOS? I think that the HDD reporting isn't too accurate, as sometimes it says it has reached ~80*C, but I've opened the case whilst it's said this, and the hdd has been only slightly warm to the touch. I did once run memtest I think. Long time ago though, can't remember the results. I am still going to do an xp reinstall though. Any advice on the CPU cooling? (worth it to make quieter / cooler?) Oh yeah - I searched a bit for a small (for os/apps) hdd, and i'm considering the 160GB version of what I currently have, or a 36/74GB raptor. Are the raptors really worth the high price point? I heard they can be quite noisy too.. @21Motorcraft - My needs are to have XP Pro as primary OS, possibly ubuntu linux as secondary (don't care where that goes), quite a lot of storage for large video files / lots of music files, and quite a lot of games (a few GBs each usually). So I reckon my 250gb would be fine for the data, but need advice on hdd for os and apps/games. Ubuntu isn't essential and could go on either hdd.
  8. Hi, I built my rig about 5-6 months ago, and I've managed to mess it up / slow it down somehow, with random errors / hanging & crashing. So I've decided to do a reinstall of XP Pro, but before I do I need some advice: My current Bios ver is in my sig. Should I update this before i reinstall? If so, what to (A DFI one or 3rd party one - and which one)? Also, seeing as I will probably end up doing this again in the future, I was considering moving my documents and files onto a separate drive / partition, for easier backup / movement etc. Would I be able to make a partition on my hdd to store all of my data (eg Windows / Programs on C: partition, Data (music, files, documents, etc.) on D: partition? Or would I be better off buying another hdd (probably ~80gb - for windows / programs)? Does anyone here currently do something like this - and how? I'm also planning on getting some quieter and cooler cooling for my rig. Currently, most of the fans are very quiet (the 2x120mm and 1x80mm fans in the case, and the 2x80mm fans in the psu), but there is a least one which is pretty noisy. I reckon it's probably the chipset / gfx card / cpu fan. All fans are stock atm. I was looking at the AC Freezer 64 Pro for the CPU (Any good? - it's cheap and seems to lower temps a bit / be quieter than stock). Or other if you can recommend (>£30 if possible) I need advice on gfx card / chipset fan replacement. (Is this worth it, and which would make the most difference in cooling / noise reduction). My main aim with the cooling is to make it quieter, but also a bit cooler if possible, so that i can possibly overclock the X2 3800 and G.Skill HZ a bit. Sorry for the long post. (And sorry if it's in the wrong forum, I wasnt sure as to which one as I have several diff questions). Current temps btw (MBM5 - in degrees C): CPU Idle: 30-35 CPU Load: 37-43 PWMIC: 41-44 most of the time NF4 Chipset: ~45 most of the time HDD: 50-55 GPU Core: 43-48
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