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  1. I just tryed yesterday. My system was on the "clear CMOS" for over 24houres "I know that it's not necessary at all to be that long" and I removed my soundcard to switch the PCI card of slot and still no good result. Monitor remain black... I guess I have now only 2 last thing to try before RMA the board: 1- Waiting that my Radeon X1950XT 256MB get back in stock on NCIX.com to order one at ~300$Can then test with it. 2- If #1 doesn't work, I'll go to a computer store far away from my home because they have a "Bios Burner" and I'll bring my USB Key with the working backup on it so they'll just have to make a bios using it then logicaly it should be working for sure...
  2. There is only 2 PCI slot on that DFI board and one is occupied by my Soundcard. I could try to switch with it but I doubt that it would work. Quite strange since the first time I booted this computer, it worked with this old PCI crap and usualy in Bios settings, you often see (Detect PCI first). How the hell do I reset a video card??? :confused: No unfortunally and my closest friend only have AGP. I could try asking to take one in my friends PC but that would be lot of mess and I'm not sure if he would like that lol. If only I would be working in a PC shop... Only 2 things have happened to me while going on "trial and error". If I would put only 1 stick in dimm 3 or 4, I would get 3 red leds with a long beeeeep that keep repeating itself every 5 seconds. Else if I would put 1 stick in dimm 1 or 2, I would only get 1 red led and hear 1 normal beep like if it would POST. That seem all good up to now but if on the PS2 keyboard, I can press the F1 Lock and see the light change but can't see the light react, on the top of my keyboard when I press Caplocks or Scroll Lock, then don't it mean that my keyboard is frozen or it's just that it have no effect when you are in the bios? I don't know if it can help any of you but when my PCI card isn't connected by the VGA plug, I see the square on my monitor saying there's nothing... but if I plug it, I just get a whole black screen. To me the last thing I could try before RMA the board (would take weeks) would be to test with a PCI-E 16x card. I would have one but I don't since I had the exact money to buy everything for my new computer unless the 3dcard of 280$ + Taxes (Sapphire Radeon X1950XT 256MB) so I use a 5$ card for now.
  3. Yes, don't seem to work any better. Now I remember, last time I had a bios flashing issue back in 2004 on my old computer, all I did was to reset the CMOS with the battery and jumper then I got able to see something on my screen then reflashed the bios right away with a floppy but now it won't let me see things on the screen even if I hear 1 normal beep. Do you guys think I see nothing because I use a PCI card (Cirrus Logic 5446 1MB 1996) instead of a PCI-E 16x card??? :confused: Heh very easy, you would even know if you would read the help file. If I remember well, you click on "File > Backup" or else it's just before flashing your bios it will ask for a backup. I tryed with v1.84 I bet that nothing work because this bull crap program erased my working backup bios because of the "Update All" check box. Anyway what's the use to have a backup of your bios somewhere on ur computer, floppy, usb or whatever if you can't restore it because the main one is corrupted! :mad: From what I noticed (the red leds) it looks like the Insert trick is the same thing as the (Safe Boot) jumper below the BIOS chip on the motherboard. I knew it, I'm always part of that small 1% user who get extrem badluck and can't do anything to fix things so I'll have to contact the RMA departement then I bet I'll have to pay and send it to USA from Canada and wait a few weeks before having a working computer again... Grrr
  4. I tryed the Insert key as Robert told me to do it but it doesn't work any better. I noticed that by using the Insert trick I get 3 red led instead of just 1. Seriously that's BS that over 98-99% people get to recover their corrupted bios by doing that "long clear cmos" trick... Everytime I buy something I always get a damn badluck and end up losing money. Won't they notice it and say that I void the warrenty? Ahh I can't believe that even a new pre-flashed bios wouldn't work any better... BUT if I backed up my old working bios just before flashing, would it work? I tryed to open the bios with wordpad just for fun and noticed a few things inside like the name of my processor and a few other little things. What you think about this?
  5. Wow that's really lame that no one and not even in the help file of WinFlash they say to load optimised default FIRST (because the check box for loading optimised default never works) neither to reflash 3-4 time because the program is a load of crap and work 1 time on 400. I did what the Robert (Tech) told me to do and I even stood 15 houres at the clear cmos and it still haven't worked. I get a blank screen on startup after the beep and can't do anything, not even enter in the ******* bios. So I guess I'll have to buy a new bios because of DFI's own fault?!? I'll get crazy if I can't go anymore on my computer. I spended all the money I had to buy that new computer and now I got 0$ and don't feel at all like going at -100$ to buy a new motherboard just because of a little chip... :mad: So if I really can't recover it at all, what should I do, considering that it only does 30 days that I have the motherboard? Also do you have any idea of what does the trick of holding the Insert key until you hear the beeping sound? :confused: Ahhh I'm desesperate now (-_-)
  6. You pop it off with your fingers or you really need to have a screwdriver? Then you just push the new one until it "clips", no welding required and that's it? Also how much without shipping would it cost to TMod to make a chip and would it be free if still on warrenty? Thanks in advance for the info. Just to be sure, the CMOS chip is the same thing as the "BIOS Chip"???
  7. Alright guys, I'm gonna do the steps that Robert (Tech Support) told me to do but I will wait at the Clear CMOS for 10-12 houres in order to be sure that it will work then if it does (it better...arghh) then I'll use TMod's CD instead of a floppy drive. TMod burn bios?! Wow that's nice but how the hell do you replace it on your own once you receive it, if I had to consider this option someday... :confused: So if everyone just do this in order to fix their corrupted flashed bios, then it means that you can't 100% kill ur bios???
  8. Heh so that's the issue you were talking about to me in my thread. QUESTIONS: 1- What's the use of the Floppy and HDD connector on the motherboard? I never saw a motherboard incluing that directly on it. Should I plug it there instead of on the device (HDD & Floppy) or should I plug it on BOTH place??? :confused: 2- Damn I forgot my second question... but I found a new question. Why do you recommand to put only 1 stick in the closest Dimm from the CPU, for everyone? The tech dude from DFI said:
  9. Thanks for the advice and the welcome. So flashing through TMod's CD is really as safe as flashing through a floppy disk? WinFlash utility should never have existed. For me it never worked (2 failed attempt on 2) What you mean by this??? So after doing the long Clear CMOS descripted on the picture in my first post (15min), I noticed just 1 diffrent thing. When my computer is closed, there was just 1 orange led (workinglighted up) at the bottom of my mobo but now there are 2, the bottom one and another one near top right, just like before when everything was working but it still not work. For the guy who asked me about the LEDs (second post), when I power up the computer, I see on bottom left, just 1 red led and it's the one on the far left. It wasn't there when my bios was fine. I don't really know what it means. :confused: I'm amazed how fast the Tech Support from DFI replyed me. I'll put in a quote the message he said to me and I'll highlight (put in bold) a few interesting thing I noticed:
  10. Hello everyone. I'm really out of idea and I hope this haven't broken my motherboard cause I ain't willing at all to waste 100$ and rebuild my computer. You can see my config in my signature. Everything has been working perfectly and flashing firmware (Router, DVD±RW) always work through the OS so I though I could do the same with my motherboard's BIOS. I felt to lazy to take a floppy drive, open my case and plug it so I went on DFI's website to download the Award Flash Utility v1.84 and the latest bios (April 2006) since mine dated from (December 14th 2005). On the utility I checked the case "Update All" and "Reset Default settings" then flashed the bios. It asked me to reboot then once I rebooted I would still hear 1 normal beeping sound but my keyboard and mouse wouldn't light up anymore and the screen remained black. :eek: After this, the first thing I've done was to unplug the PSU cord/wire and move the CMOS Jumper to the clear position for about 15 seconds then replaced the jumper on it's normal position. Then I powered my computer and the only diffrence was that my keyboard would light up but I noticed it was still not working because the light wouldn't close/react when I would press the "Num Lock" button. Now I began getting more stressed and scared... I sent an email to DFI's Tech Support a few houre ago. If you want to know what I said inside that email, here it is: I knew that it would take a very long time before getting an answer, time that I can't really afford to have/wait so I went on this very know site "DFI-Street.com" to look for deeper information since all the manuals on DFI's site incluing the one inside my motherboard box gave no information about what to do if your bios would get corrupted. I found this picture HERE and that look like a nice idea. I'm gonna try it since I've "cleared the cmos" but not in the complete way as this picture tell us to do. After this I'll plug the old floppy drive that I have, inside the computer of my sister, the one I'm currently using to create this thread then I'll create a floppy with the latest bios... by using this thing HERE. Then I'll remove the floppy drive, put it on my computer and try booting on it but I don't know how the hell it will be possible since nothing seem to be working on my computer. The fans, HDD does spin up and I can power off the computer by pressing the power button but still... Also since the bios is corrupted, I noticed in the (Diagnostic LEDs) near the left bottom corner of my motherboard that now there is 1 red light. Honnestly if anyone can tell me how to really fix this BIOS problem, I would be sooooo happy and even more than when I receive my christmas gift.
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