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  1. Thanks for this tip, but i tried this with all my Ram Sticks in all Slots, without any success.
  2. Bios @ default and RAM @ SPD is not stable ? First i overcklocked the CPU to 11/240 and it was over an month Primestable. When the problems begin i set the bios @ default, but the problems are not solved
  3. Have you an idea where my problem is hint. With the same Hardware, but an another Mainboard, i dont have any problem. The system was Cooled by water and the Case are very good Ventilated.
  4. Thank You for your fast Reply. I proceed "Clear CMOS" in this minute. I didnt know that the old bios is after an update is doesnt deleted. If the Board Start now, is the Reboot problem solved too ?
  5. Hello Please excuse my bad english, i will give my best. My LanpartyUT NF4 Ultra-D has unrequested rebooted every Day in shorter Distances. I have Tried a single Core CPU, an other Graphicscard, Power Supply Unit, HDD and Ram. Without an effect at the Reboots. My Last Hope was an Bios Update with the newest Bios on the DFI Homepage and the Winflash Utility. After the reboot only the HDDs are running, no Picture was seen on the monitor. After that all, i am not sure what is to do. The RMA section on http://www.dfi.com.tw/RMA/rma_request_step0_de.jsp doesnt work or i am to silly. The Mainboard was bought at 12.September 2006 in an little Computerstore.
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