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  1. @Cjoe Any idea what week number your chips are?
  2. Yep, 1T will boot and allow me general use of the PC at 250 but as soon as I try to stress it with OCCT or Orthos it fails within minutes.
  3. My set of HZ has never done 1t even @ 248Mhz. However it does 2t all the way up to 270Mhz. Also, seems to me any more voltage than 2.63 to HZ sticks produces errors and problems.
  4. Do you have stability issues under a full load as well? I'd be curious if MBM shows the voltage dropping lots while under a load too.
  5. Wow, I would have thought the TP 550 would be more than enough! Glad I went with the 650 recently :-
  6. Actually, that not quiet the experience I have with a set of these. I've got mine set to 2.61v and the max for them is around 267Mhz. I find that any increase in voltage does more harm on this set than good.
  7. Outstanding too CD you've created here. Just burnt it and worked flawlessly flashing my NF4 Expert to Merlins latest BIOS. I noticed you had some sort of stress tester incorporated. I'm assuming thats only good for a single core CPU? Ashame we couldnt have something like Orthos on this CD *grin* A nice stress tester without booting into Windoze is always a bonus :-) Many thanks for your efforts Tmod.
  8. Any resolution on this issue. All 4 of my SATA drives from various manufacturers are being detected as CHS as well :-|
  9. Glad to see the legend 'Merlin" modding yet another BIOS for a board I own :-) Many thanks. Also interested in anyones feedback using this BIOS with the G.Skill HZ.
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