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  1. i have ripjaw-X memory, CM 690ii and d-14 will fit and you will be able to fit 2 roof fans still - you will have about 3mm above the ripjaws-x and i found it easy to fit inside the case also
  2. well... after RMA-ing the PSU the PCI-ex slot decided to pack in - very strange but the retailer changed it for a new one so now new PSU and mobo.... lets hope these dont goof up!
  3. it was not enough for the bios thats all i know - just spoken to novatech and they just suggested RMA so i can swap it today it was on about 4.4V in the bios and RED then just died dont have multimeter [13:03:46] <Mike>: Hmmm that's not very old [13:06:33] <gustie>: i know [13:04:25] <Mike>: The only thing I can do is give you a return nmber as there's not much you can do about the 5v rail novatech support seems good also ^^
  4. it booted once yesterday then warning came up from AI im guessing and said 5V LOW at 4.8V and then the system just cut out. its not booting today but the fans spin if i clear the cmos and then stop and it doesnt even post the first time i tried this morning though it did... i got into the bios and the bios also reported low 5v voltage rail and then BANG - just cut out even from in the bios PSU pooped? or.... cheers
  5. i left it all day with cmos jumper on clear, battery out and AC lead removed it boots now so thanks for the advise with removing the power lead on boot now i get one sharp bleep and says no HDD detected but still boots ok lol
  6. i cleared the cmos after turning the power switch off on the psu and then pressed the power switch to drain the capacitors and then did it
  7. 8 pin sorry... seems to plug in fine power cycle? must have missed something what is that about cheers
  8. its all brand new stuff the only LEDs showing are the main power green one and only the VGA and CPU red leds which only flash once and then thats it no beep codes i dont have another psu with the 6pin to the mobo so pretty stuffed there OCZ are pretty good though right? (i hope so!) lol
  9. Hi having boot problems with my board (in sig) i was just reading a post on here and got BSOD error 0124. so entered the bios and hit the use optimised settings to run the board stock (was OC to 4.5 just before..) left the bios and now it wont boot at all.... so reset cmos with jumper - no joy. removed battery no joy... if i press the power switch the main LED will light and the VGA and CPU LED will flash for less than a second and the fans twitch and stop. and thats all... wtf is happening? i removed the ram and reseated it and also the gfx card still the same any ideas please would help thanks
  10. hi - manually im having stabilty probs over 4.5ghz - im hoping i have some settings wrong which i can correct i used the asus AI suite out of curiousity... and it managed to clock just over 5gig.... BUT changed BCLK to 103 and pused the vcore upto 1.56.... and sat in windows whilst doing this i dropped the vcore to 1.35 and BcLK down to 100 again... and then wouldnt boot, just hung on the windows boot screen any ideas? cheers
  11. thanks guys - i could stick one between the heatpipes on the cpu plate, that would be a good place i guess?
  12. you could try cinebench, and i was given a x1300 just to get my new build working and i slapped some ocz freeze on the gpu. the stuff on it was the factory gunk pad version so it will only be a benefit i reckon - hardly takes 2 mins so to me not a waste of time
  13. HI i have the titled fan controller and the manual isnt very comprehensive. I am wondering where to place the sensors to maximise the auto cooling feature. i have 4 case fans (might also use a 5th on side panel if i can fit it due to the d-14) where is it best to place heat sensors? they say near each fan but i was maybe thinking of using a few sensors on the cpu heatsink? so they all speed up if a little hot? anyone got one that could help me get the most from this? cheers
  14. i am using realtemp and wondering what to set tjmax on each core. it is auto set on 98 and my temps idle are in the mid 20s i have not hit over 60 on full load yet either. cheers
  15. my memory is g.skill which are meant to be very good... i only memtested both units together as my d-14 would have been a pain in the neck switching ram modules over yeah ill push it further than 4.2 next session so the digi/vrm stuff isnt in the efi? i have seen an asus app within windows to adjust that stuff is that how i do it? sorry if these are like noob questions but i have jumped from a socket A LP-NF2 ultra B to this lol
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