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  1. Why will one stick of RAM work on optimized defaults and the other won't? Both RAM sticks were working great for about 5 hours. I am afraid if I return this RAM and get another set, the same thing will happen again. This is the second set of RAM I have had gone bad. How can I know for sure it isn't the mother board?
  2. When I tried changing the memory voltage to 2.9 it reduced the number of errors from 35,000+ to just 6 on test #7. That was with both sticks in. With just one stick in, no errors come up. I guess I will have to order new memory.
  3. I ran memtest again and it came up with errors on test number 7. I removed one of the ram sticks and tried memtest again and that one stick passed so I booted into windows with it and tried playing games. I haven't run into any bsods yet. I have yet to run memtest on the other stick, but I am assuming it would fail or I would be really confused. It's looking like I need new ram.
  4. So I went out and got a 550W Antec Trio Truepower PSU and installed it. Still the same problem. I am going to run memtest again and see what happens.
  5. I ran the windows updates and now when I run games it crashes but this time with a different BSOD. Now the bsod is "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA." I googled around some and all the links pointed to a problem with the RAM speed/timing being too "aggressive" usually from overclocking, but I haven't overclocked anything and I ran memtest and the memory is fine.
  6. My RAM is DDR400 CL = 2.5-8-4-4 Also I unchecked the setting in windows to restart automatically when it encounters a fatal error so I could check out the blue screen. I recreated the error by playing NFS Carbon for 2 minutes. The blue screen I got was: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL with technical info: STOP: 0x000000D1 and mention of afd.sys.
  7. The CPU seems to be really stable. I ran one of those programs that raises the CPU usage to 100% by calculating large primes and verifying them. The computer didn't crash or anything. As long as I'm not running video game the computer is very stable. How do I go about changing the timing on my RAM and what would be an optimal timing for the 4600+?
  8. Recently I just upgraded my CPU from the AMD 3500+ to the X2 4600+ and this is when all hell broke loose. Once I replaced the CPU I tried to boot into windows and when I did it said windows had encountered a serious error and after about 2 minutes of using windows, it would just shut itself off. So I decided to reformat and reinstall windows. I ran into several problems when trying to reinstall windows including this bsod: http://www.elitebomber.com/bsod.JPG Eventually I got a clean isntall of windows (XP SP2) and all was well until I tried to run games. When I try to run any games (such as: counter strike, need for speed carbon, Supreme Commander Beta) my computer will shut itself off without warning after about 2 minutes of play. I have the latest version of DirectX, I have installed all drivers (including AMD dual core optimizer), and my CPU temperature is fine. I never ran into any problems while I was running the 3500+. I am confident the problem has nothing to do with my video card. Something has to be screwy with the CPU or maybe it doesn't like the combo of my RAM and that particular CPU? Any help would be great!
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