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  1. just watched this vid about 15 min ago, really looking forward to seeing that case when its done ( /envy @ their shop ) and yeah, paint wont cure properly at a temp below 10ยบ C... so what i do is paint in my carport... and then put w/e i painted in my storage locker which is in a heated room.. doesn't help much if you are trying to do airbrush work tho =(
  2. its still carbon fiber, i work with 3k weave for hobby related projects at home. made a 3'x3' vacuum system from an old shopvac for doing carbon fiber coatings on parts, to make flat sheets of carbon fiber, i use 2 peices of glass. there's plenty of guides online to do your own carbon fiber coating and how to make the vacuum system. as for the oven baking, you dont actually put the carbon fiber into the oven, just the top part of your vacuum system that has the poly sheet attached to it goes into the oven to soften it up for the vacuum stage
  3. still playing WoW 6 years later.. Server: Demon Soul (PvP) Character Name: Versa Race: Undead - Horde Class: Rogue (Mut/PvE - Mut/PvP) Guild: <BAD> Level: 85 IGM enchanting/jewelcrafting Server: Demon Soul (PvP) Character Name: Sochina Race: Undead - Horde Class: Mage (Fire/PvE - Frost/PvP) Guild: <IRON CHEF> Level: 85 IGM skinning/tailoring Server: Demon Soul (PvP) Character Name: Raves Race: Undead - Horde Class: Warrior (Prot/PvE - Arms/PvP) Guild: <IRON CHEF> Level: 80 GM mining/blacksmith Server: Demon Soul (PvP) Character Name: Cythrawl Race: Orc - Horde Class: Shaman (Resto/PvE - Resto/PvP) Guild: <IRON CHEF> Level: 76 GM mining/goblin eng Server: Demon Soul (PvP) Character Name: Bovineshield Race: Tauren - Horde Class: Paladin (Prot/PvE - Ret/PvP) Guild: <IRON CHEF> Level: 70 GM mining/gnomish eng have an alt of every class, rogue is my main, my hunter serves as my main bank/ah alt and my dk has sat at 60 since wotlk went live, has maxed inscription and herb for his level tho
  4. this has proven to be the case, new motherboard and 2 trips to the computer store solved my problem =)
  5. this has been the general feel ive been getting while researching this problem, so, went out and got a new mobo and ram today, hopefully this will solve my problem. its a newer am2+ board with PCIe 2.0 so heres hoping
  6. already uninstalled the nvidia drivers and a full format was done less then 2 weeks ago. problem isnt OS related i dont believe, the pc wont even post, everything powers up, nobodys home tho it seems edit** should also mention, this card takes less then 75w under full load, my psu is healthy (all rails are optimal) and the card i was told is backwards compatible. prior to buying it, i saw it running sc2 on ultra settings so i know the card isnt dead
  7. recently picked up an ATi HD 5670 1gb gddr5 card, have an older Asus A8R32-MVP Deluxe with the most up to date bios (0701 according to asus) when i try and boot the computer with the ATi card installed, i just get a black screen, works fine when i put the old vid card back in. i have spent all night on google and the asus tech forum trying to figure out why it wont boot and the majority of the answers pointed at the bios needing to be updated to 3.0.3 and higher (which i have) is there possibly something im overlooking?
  8. KaluMinati


    after reading the posts, a lot of people have said this game still has the suspense and scare factor that the first one provided, but after reading Deathmineral's view of the game im questioning if the sequel is worth picking up, ive beaten the first one twice (once on moderate and again on the hardest setting) and both times even tho i knew what would happen, it still sent shivers down my spine, doom 3 didn't even make me flinch which was rather disappointing, spose i should try the demo before going out and grabbing the full game
  9. Game: WoW: WotLK Characters: Versa Level: 80 Server: Demon Soul - US i still lurk these boards >.>
  10. KaluMinati

    Cod4 1.6 Patch

    got mine from filefront if thats any help, and i went from 1.4 to 1.6 as the server im a regular on had stayed 1.4 up until this recent patch ( <3 creek and killhouse )
  11. good thing t6 was only 5 pieces up until the release of SWP with made the t6 set 8 pieces ...
  12. how long has MU been around out of curiosity, since death knights have been a part of warcraft since wc1 (teron gorefeind... first DK in wc lore and a fun DPS burn fight )
  13. i see you got sucked in aswell bish... i didnt think you could stay immune forever =P
  14. KaluMinati

    Age Of Conan

    i dont think AOC will touch WoW personally, specially with WoTLK on its way out. as for being the next KalOnline.. well.. if its another mindless grind for XP and no real content in the game.. well, it will deff be a flop tho im sure thats not what AOC is going to offer. the directional combat system they are implementing seems rather stupid, having to control your white damage aswell as specials? trying ot achieve that in a raid setting with 20 other things going on seems pretty overwhelming, guess one can only wait and see what happens, most likely this game will just be another LoTRO or GW.. all hype... no follow through o and herro ltns OCC 6/8 t6 and counting =)
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