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  1. Let me see if I can break this down. I just got my first DFI motherboard. I am a fan of overclocking and my old chaintech would only let me overclock a little. I decided on the UT NF4 Ultra D. my setup: Opteron 165 DFI UT NF4 Ultra D e-VGA 7900GT RAID 0 - 2 x Western Digital 160 gb Mushkin 1 gig PC3700 550w PSU Ok, excuse the long post but I'm going to try and include everything I have tried. The RAID was already setup on my old motherboard, So I didn't redo it in the Nvidia RAID Utility since this board recognized it. I installed windows on the RAID with no problems. Once in windows I installed all the latest drivers from DFI and at a buddies recommendation, updated the bios to the 3/29/06 date. (not sure of the number). After this I was ready to go. Cranked up a game to heat it up and stress test it a little before the overclocking began. The game (which ran fine on the old setup) kept locking up and causing one of my monitors (dual setup) to go plaid. Then I would get a BSoD with the NV4_DISP.DLL as the culprit. I reinstalled my graphics drivers to an earlier version, one that I knew worked on the old rig. This seemed to fix it for a bit. Until I played that game for awhile longer. Started getting this BSoD again. My buddy said he was just using the 6/23/05 version, so I flashed back to that. I didn't even realize until it was too late that since the newer bios updated the RAID ROM, that when I flashed back to an older RAID ROM, apparently made it eat my RAID setup. Reinstallation of windows again. This time I decided to install the drivers from the CD, everything went smooth, rebooted and DISK BOOT ERROR.... I noticed that the chipset drivers installed something for RAID so I just did a FIXMBR and that let me boot into windows. I proceeded to install my graphics card driver and rebooted. DISK BOOT ERROR. The FIXMBR trick wouldn't work this time. I got fed up and deleted my RAID array and recreated it using this motherboards utility. That's my story, I hope you guys made it through ok. Couple of other problems: 1. Sometimes it won't boot up. It will just sit there at POST and not doing anything at all. Click the reset button and off we go... 2. Couldn't get it to read 2 differently floppy drives all the time, i would have to reboot and try again to get it to install my RAID drivers so I could install windows. I have to say, this is THE pickiest board I've ever tried to install. I want to like DFI as everyone says they are the most stable. Any ideas what could be causing this?
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