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  1. nevermind think i fixed but im not positive. i never installed the ULI Sata / Raid driver. I just installed the newest ULI driver so i'll reboot and see if its better
  2. hey all my system experiences some frequent lock ups usually with hard drive intensive stuff but its also kind of random my last lock up was when i was copying large amounts of data from my dvd drive to the hard drive (sata). My one guess is the power supply because its a single rail 400 watt psu. I've also recently reformatted XP and installed all the amd dual core fixes for XP any suggestions/replies are much appreciated. AMD X2 4200 skt 939 DFI CFX3200-DR (ati Xpress 3200) 2gigs OCZ Platinum DDR400 2.5 3 3 8 ATi X1800GTO Sound Audigy 2, Maddog PS 400w http://www.mdmm.com/spec.php?productid=112 80gig Sata hdd, 160gig sata hdd
  3. thx, im gonna go with 2.5-3-3-8 to see how that goes. and may be a little more volts
  4. hi quick question if anyone has this RAM, on my ATI CFX3200 lanparty what would be the best timings and volts for overclocking? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820227210 OCZ Platinum 2GB 2-3-2-5 OCZ4002048ELDCPE-K 2.8v current bios settings on my machine 2.5-3-2-5 1T and 2.65v thx for any help here
  5. not sure but may be try clearing the CMOS again what type of keyboard ps/2 or usb? if you're using a usb keyboard try a ps/2 instead.
  6. im loving my DFI borad as well seems more stable then my old MSI nforce board.
  7. not really sure but why are you using raid with only 1 sata hdd.
  8. is it a Sata hdd or IDE? if its sata, did you load the ULi/Sil driver from floppy
  9. Im not using RAID so i can't be sure if i have that ULI sata problem or not. Using my single Western Digital Sata drive i was able to get XP up and running smooth as butter. Im using the ULi Sata port #1. if anyone can comment on the ATi chipset driver that would appreciated. I'm thinking the ati chipset does not need a driver but i just wanted to check..
  10. i just got my CFX3200 and i love it so far. one question does ATI have a chipset driver like Nvidia Nforce does ?? This is my first ATI motherboard.
  11. that's good to hear , my CFX3200-DR comes tomorrow UPS. I will be using the ULI sata. It's a Western Dig Sata II hd drive.
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