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  1. one of the moderators over on slizone forums had said something about it, but now the post's gone so i guess it was a lie or something, sorry.
  2. What are you using to keep the fans running at 100%? Are you using vista?
  3. socket-f period is dual core, there are no quad core amd chips that exist, to date on the market. Barcelona is slated for the end of this year, according to amd hype spinners. Socket-F is still using dual core chips, look up opteron 2220 on newegg. But yes, using 2 of these in my new board will in fact be quad core. But not like intel's single-prcoessor quad core that doesn't have numa, amd's quad option has numa. With numa each cpu has it's own memory bank, and each 'set' of cpu-and-memory-bank are a 'node' and it interleaves between the nodes. There's already posts of effective memory bandwidth at 17,500 MB/sec with this new asus board and numa, with memory clocked to 1000mhz ddr2. i'll just be using 533 memory though, cause it's all i can afford just to get the rig running, so, poo
  4. Future-Proofing. Future games will (hopefully) soon be dx-10-required-only and getting a gtx now means no upgrades 3 years down the line, the only upgrade 3 years down the line would be.. add another gtx On another note, the GTS actually has less dedicated video ram, and shader units on-die, the gtx actually as 128 shader units, the gts has 96. The memory as far as i can find online on both GTS & GTX is equal, it's just the gpu processor that's less. Other than having less shader units on the gts, the gts is only 500mhz vs the 575mhz on the gtx. the video ram is what you want if you're like me and addicted to anti-aliasing and antistropic filtering, i won't play any game without it now. Higher video memory means higher frame rates with AA/AF on.
  5. Sadly my lanparty board is being replaced. But if you really want to go with e-penis on the benchmark scores.. i'll post in here in a couple weeks when my new board comes back from newegg, had to RMA the first one for bad ram slots. going to be running a L1N64-SLI WS (dual socket-F asus) board with 4gb in NUMA and 2xopteron 2220's (2.8ghz). The first board i recieved from newegg the processors worked fine, just only 2 of the memory slots worked, and no numa, but the processors clocked up to 3.5ghz without a hitch. When i get the board back and setup again and all the slots work i'll post benchmarks here Going to be using single 8800gtx. Although numa IS cheating... just a tad...:tooth:
  6. this hotfix is already included automatically with the latest 680i/680a platform driver package.
  7. Hi all, Okay, well, to make it short, two problems: I own a 8800gtx (a.k.a. space heater) Asus defaults the video card to run at only 60% fan speed regardless, this speed does NOT increase due to use or heat. I'm looking for suggestions for a solution of any kind of software whatever it is that WILL NOT RELY ON IT'S OWN DRIVER to function, and i need to be able to load it on start up and force the fan on the video card to 100% each time. I used to use ATI Tool for this, for my 7300GT's i had, but that just flat out doesn't work under any version of vista, period. So my other option was RivaTuner. This works somewhat, it uses it's own driver and windows occasionally likes to "silently" re-enable "signed driver enforcement" without telling me, and then rivatuner boots up and the fan's set at 60% again. I'm just sick and tired of checking rivatuner every time i boot up vista to see if my video card's fan is 100% or 60% before i go play games or benchmark. This adds even more delay when overclocking because i have to check each time before i run a benchmark :sad:
  8. Ran into some money problems... car got smashed by a punk kid racing down the freeway, and had to buy another one, so paying back emergency loans for 2-4 paychecks is going to set back my Water cooling experiments for at least a couple months i may pick up this thread in the future and post results, we'll see. mainly i just wanted to cool my monster video card the 8800gtx.
  9. it runs pretty much 24/7 and has been for the past 7 years, i might think about it though. Even if the 'cooling' part of the a/c goes out, the compressor, it still always runs the blower and blows room temp air over it. Just an idea.
  10. Yeah, if i'm displacing it with an a/c though, maybe won't be a problem, dunno just yet, i might just modify it all and go with a 3-fan rad ontop of my case, modifying the case slightly to mount the rad on top
  11. I can take pictures later for others to see, but, the way my PC at home is setup, the case is about 2ft - 3ft of hose distance from my window air conditioner. I have to have a window a/c in my room because my opty + 8800gtx makes a crapload of heat, i have to keep the room temps at 75f or below. My water cooling question... Okay, so right now i'm passively air cooled on the entire chassis and setup, i've been considering water cooling for a while, but i don't really want to deal with external fans and cleaning them, it's enough maintance to clean the intake filters on my P180 case. What.. if i were to put a 2x120mm-fan-designed radiator up in the exaust port for my window a/c and blow /refridgerated air/ over it. Would i risk getting the components too cold? Or if i went with cooling the cpu (OC'd opteron 185) and a full-cover gpu block like the danger den one, for my 8800gtx (100% stock), would the a/c air option maybe actually be just about right to displace the heat? The a/c doesn't always blow cold air over it, but it's a 16,500 btu unit and usually blows pretty strong out the exaust vent, even if just recirculating room temp air.
  12. Just thought i'd add my experience with opterons and heat. I've used motherboard monitor (mbm5) to monitor my cpu temps for a while now, on my opteron 185 and lanparty nforce4 sli-dr board. I have the cpu overclocked very margionally, only +20mhz fsb for +260mhz over stock. I've been using the mbm5 settings posted in the main overclocking thread on these forums, and i'm not sure if the cpu temps reported in this program are core temps, or something else, but watching these temps, i've seen my opteron get up to 60c before, but like to do that i have to run a major multi-threaded app like the new winrar, and set it to maxium compress and let it run for 30-45 minutes. After a few hours (or even overnight) at running a process like this, my opty will get up to 65c - 67c on mbm5, and very commonly is around the 50c - 56c - 58c mark while playing games, i've had it running like this for about 4 months now, with no issues what so ever. Also of note, i've increased the core voltage to 1.59v and ldt voltage to max in bios, so, that probably makes it a bit warmer, but i want it stable, so made sure everything has enough juice. Edit: ----- Oh yeah, also using ThermalAlright XP-120 and 120mm antec Tri-Cool case fan and arctic silver 5.
  13. looks nice, post screenshots of tempature performance? load and idle. What proc? overclocked? i use the XP 120 myself but it only cools one of my dimms, going to be looking for something to cool my other dimm so i can OC em.
  14. I was bored at work, and did a google image search for '8800gtx' to try and find a shot of my asus one 'naked' without a hsf for fun, because i was curious. And i found some turkish-language site with a 8800gtx pictured, and i clicked to the front of the site, and found a link to this awesome-looking new product from ThermalTake to cool our 8800gtx. As far as i know, this is the first fan powered aftermarket solution. http://www.thermaltake.com/product/Cooler/...02/cl-g0102.asp Although i can't seem to find anywhere online that sells it! I've gone through and searched every single website listed under TT's 'sales partner' list and even searched the distribution sites, i can't seem to find it for sale online anywhere! :confused: Argh! i want one! :sad: If anyone can find this baby for sale online, please link it here.
  15. not alot i can do with this case, they're all round, so, just let em hang, nothing gets hot anyway.
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