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  1. tbh if i were you prosser i would go for it! i bought some of the same stuff as that and its bootable at 319, possibly furter not tried yet also great for gaming, my life seems more easier n that with this stuff well my life in games
  2. i recon that would work. Still doubt you would loose any money.
  3. Ok, well my TTBT is deffo paying off now. i recon if i had stock cooler or something temps would be heading to 70*C. I will try and prime the 2.87GHz this weekend when i got some time to make sure it dont explode if you know what i mean . Anyhoo, 2.6GHz seems stable. Ill test the higher OC on a lover voltage too. Cant wait to get my water cooling, should hopefuly drop my temps a good bit.
  4. good for you, hope you keep it up, me being n00b here i intend to lear as much as i can and try and regergitate as much info as i lear in the future to other new people like me
  5. Thanks for all the help people, managed to get it to 2.872GHz which I think is good for the stepping, also broke 30 seconds on superpi! Clicky
  6. Ill post full settings later, i will tinker a bit more tho tongiht.
  7. ok cool. thanks for some more advice
  8. Ok, well im gunna run prime today found page 8 has all about the ram i got, gunna try some new timings n that, thanks much Oh and the reason i wanna acheive highest i can is cus of superpi And that screen shot was not for the result more the information on timers desplayed on the CPU-Z bits.
  9. Hi all, got me some new ram the other day and already beat my old overclock with my Opty 165. I would like some help to try and acheive 305fsb using my G.Skills PC4000HZ, DFi SLi-D and my Opty 165. Now my Opty has the stepping 'CCBWE 0551 WPMW'. now looking at the overclocking charts on this forum this chip can possibly go to about 2.75GHz, tbh i aint fussed about getting 3GHz. dont get me wrong id love to but with this stepping it seems unlikely.. anyway, my current oc is: Clicky for Pic now is there any settings that i can change? i mean what ram settings would you reccomend? should i go any higer ram voltages? different devider? (Currently 3/4) Anyway, thanks for any help oh and i will be going watercooling
  10. Thanks, sorry i been looking round and needed a quick answer, thanks, now off to turn off and do this thing
  11. Oh and do i need the molex and floppy disc cables plugged into the mobo?
  12. Hi all, just got me some 2x1gb G.Skills PC4000 ram. Just wondering which slots are best to put it in? both of the yellow ones? thanks for any help.
  13. I would say it would be the Tuniq Tower, reason for this well the people over on XS reccomend this as the best HSF CPU cooler, I got a TTBT for the moment before i get my watercooling up and running, its not a bad cooler too.
  14. Firefox all the way, a few years ago I experienced a bad virus due to something that hooked onto IE, i dont mind using it for like updates but nothing else..
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