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  1. I've left my USB HDD in the slot!Ooooops! Everything fine again! Thanks ppl!
  2. Ok,gonna try it tomorrow as now it's 23 o'clock and i've to get up at 2am. I'll let you know what follows,but thanks again,Clawhammer.Other inputs are also welcome.
  3. If i ask to help me for a problem,at least i could let you folks know,if i've solved it or not! ;-) Thanks for welcoming!
  4. Well,i gotta admit that everything ran fine before,even with the viruses.Ram was fine,raptors also.Maybe i've removed some keys or so when removing viruses/spyware?Could it be a bios problem?Well,and could you resume a bit what i could try to do?I'm quite a noob,but i'm pretty autodidact!:cool:
  5. Hi there. After upgrading and reinstalling windows on a Raid0 i updated everything.Every software is again fully updated but i had 1 big problem.I updated everything without installing first my virusscanner and spyware software.Of course after installing them i had like 200! known viruses and spyware.No big problem i thought,just run both programs to clean and repair everything.Everything went ok that day but the next day...i can't get beyond this screen!(attached) I even can't hit 'del' or 'esc'.It does nothing!Could i help this with flashing Bios with diskette?Anything else?Every help is welcome.I hope i don't have to reinstall everything again...It would be maybe the easiest way,but it would take a long time again... $mokeyJoe
  6. Ok guys...i've found the problem...i think so,because i enabled ACPI in Bios and now it's installing windows on the raid0 config!:cool: Well,let's just hope that evrythings fine now... $mokeyJoe
  7. Hi there, My first post here,and already for a problem.I've been searching a bit and some time on forum,but can't find anything related to this,if it's already listed somewhere,i would be happy with the link.Thanks. I've the next problem: I've made a stripe array.Everything fine with the nVidia RAID on SATA3 and 4 I can run the windows setup disk,also i can choose with the F6 thing some third party drivers(nVidia RAID driver rev.1.0).Then i go further with installation and then when the blue installation screen disappears,then i'm getting left with just a intermitting dash on the left upperside of the screen.Some time later i get the BSOD.And i've to begin again,and again...with no setup. It would be nice if someone could help me a bit out.Thank you in advance. $mokeyJoe
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