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  1. Safe guys, I'll check out the list but I don't think it's connected to my board not running my memory in dual channel mode. H
  2. My PSU is an ebuyer one that is probably like an expensive 450W. However, I've had it for a couple of years and its performed solidly for me over this time.
  3. Hello People, I've had a few problems posting in these forums because I didn't have a signature. I've done this now and wanted to know how I can get a previous post unlocked? Or should I just repost it? Cheers. Hat
  4. Hello All, I’ve recently bought an NF4 939 SLI Infinity motherboard with a 3700 Athlon 64 and an Nvidia 7900gs graphics card. I’ve got it all working well and playing games fine. However I can’t get the memory to run in dual channel mode. I’ve got two 512MB Crucial sticks of ram in DIM1 and DIM2 as per instructions. I’ve also tried swapping them about using DIM3 and DIM4 as well. Can anyone help? It would be much appreciated. Hat
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