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  1. dude, i had the same problem, did you plug in the 4pin power connecter by the first pci-e slot? If you did you don't have sufficient power. those two could be your problem. good luck
  2. dfi cfx3200 a64 3800+ x2 g.skill 1gb pc3200 74gb wd raptor 80gb wd sata sapphire x1300xt (12 pipes) AC freezer 64 pro lite-on sata combo drive antec nine hundred antec nsk4400 lian li pc-65b Looking for high end paintball guns. Dye dm4-dm5-dm6 Proto series etc. LMK
  3. Thanks for welcoming me to the forums & teh info i appreciate it, and yes it does mean great skill
  4. How do i change them? i can't seem to find them in the bios, however i can find the ram volts, chipset, etc. Thanks in advanced
  5. Thank you very much for your reply , now how do i lock teh trhread or deleeet it
  6. I did update my sig, but idk why its not showing up. edit: there it goes.
  7. To begin with, i am new to these forums. I hope i will enjoy it here . Anyway i just bought the cfx3200-dr and this is my first DFI board. Overall i am very happy with it, the only thing is that the board doesn't like restarting. i.e. when i save bios it doesnt post, or when i do restart in windows it doesnt post then i have to clear the cmos. I'm sure this has been asked before but remember i am a n00b to these forums. Will the lastest BIOS update fix this problem? I haven't had a problem with sata or raid so i think i'm good. Thanks in advance.
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