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  1. Excellent, thank you. So I should underclock my DDR2 6400 to achieve 1T timings. Is anyone able to confirm or deny this? Here's another question that I have. I'll be reducing my memory frequency to around 730Mhz to ensure stability at 1T. Will upping my FSB from the 230 I have now to closer to 300 effect my performance at all or is that value just used to overclock the CPU and determine the HTT speed? Will increasing the FSB give me much performance gains? Is it saturated already at 230 with [email protected]?
  2. Hey guys, any help here is much appreciated. This is the first system I've ever OC'ed and I just have a few basic questions about it. My memory doesn't seem to like 2t at stock(800Mhz) or higher speeds, and 1t will only work at below stock speeds, so my question is regarding this. And here it is: Is it best, performance wise, to have a your memory clocked at a higher frequency at 2t (let's say the difference is 850Mhz DDR2 as opposed to 750Mhz) or is a lower frequency with 1t optimal? I heard that latency is a big contributor to performance with the A64 and that perhaps memory bandwidth didn't mean as much in terms of actual performance? Is 1t worth not over clocking my ram? Just so you know what I'm aiming for, it's strictly gaming performance. Any pointers people have for this purpose would help greatly. The other question I have is rather simple as well. My processor is clocked at 230x11=2530Mhz at the moment but I was wondering what was the best way of reaching 2.5Ghz. A lower multi(10x) and a higher FSB(250)? Would a higher FSB require a change in voltage somewhere? All voltages are currently at stock (CPU Vcore 1.3 and Vdimm is 2.2). Thank you for tolerating my noobness, any help would be great. Cheers.
  3. Well that's really my problem. I can't RMA my current set so the question I was really trying to ask is if AM2 boards are able to run 4x512 at 1T and also is there that memory performance drop off that one would sometimes see in a 939 system? This will help me decide what to buy. I don't really want to scrap the two sticks I have now.
  4. Hey DFI Street. Quick question before I go ahead and make a purchase for my new system. I've discovered that my 1GB of RAM is unfortunately not enough to run many new games(Dark Messiah for instance) w/ textures set on high. My question is this for you all: can you have two sets of 512 sticks to equal 2GB in an AM2 system without getting the RAM slowdown that would occur in a 939 system? I'm planning on buying the exact same model of Corsair RAM so that I'll have four 512 sticks at 800Mhz. Is this a good decision or even doable? Thanks guys, Justin
  5. Well I'm back and with news on my first OC! At first getting my ram up to it's rated 800Mhz at 4-4-4-12 seemed to be a problem, especialy being new to OC'ing, as I was setting the FSB to 220, multipliers to 10x and 4x and the ram divider to DDR2-800(which then made the speed 880Mhz) on my Infinity-II and even there with my proc running at default 2200 I got a blue screen and then the computer wouldn't boot up. I had to reset the cmos jumper just to get back to the bios. I figured my ram couldn't handle those timmings at 880 and therefore my 'puter wouldn't boot. I put the HT multiplier to 3x, kept my CPU multiplier at 10x but changed my FSB to 241 and lowered the ram divider to 667 in the DFI bios so that my ram would run at 802Mhz with 4-4-4-12. I now had a X2 4200+ running at over 2.4Ghz with my memory now running at optimal speeds. It boots! Ran Prime95 on both cores for 7 hours and no errors. My Sandra results have improved and I've gone from 9450 in 3dMark05 to 9984! I'm running on air, one 120mm stealth intake and one exhaust. My idle CPU temp is 33C and my full load temp is about 52C and my NF4 Ultra chipset idles at around 62C! Is this safe? Needless to say, friendly users of DFI-Street, I'm very excited about my first OC. Everything seems faster and stable now that I'm finally running my ram at the right speed and my proc has a higher clock. But I want to know, what do you guys think of this overclock? Is my HTT Link(732x2) to slow and holding me back? Are my temps(62C chipset) going to be too high without additional cooling? I'm adding a WD Raptor today which I hear run hot, am I close to a threshold? I really have no idea. Thanks DFI-Street, you were a big help. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v258/JSharp18/cpu-z.jpg
  6. Just an update as promised, my timings are now running at 4.0-4-4-12-22 and the memory is at a slightly faster 371.0MHz per DIMM(so 742MHz for DDR2). I think using the 2T command rate gave the corsair memory a small boost in clock speed. I would like to overclock my 4200+ from 2.2 to 2.4 and get the memory running it it's proper 800MHz. Is it as simple as changing the clock speed and multiplier to 218x11 to equal 2400MHz and then watching the temp and stability? If anyone has any words of wisdom before I begin believe me they would be highly appreciated. I don't want to wreck this CPU right after installing it.
  7. Aside from cooling, which is well taken care of, are there any other precautions I should take before upping the proc speed? Thanks for the help.
  8. Hey all, I'm new to DFI-Street and hoping to get some help with my newly purchased DFI/AM2 system. Any help or input at all would be greatly appreciated and I will update all progress made here. I'll get straight to the point. I spent a fair amount of scrilla getting two matching DDR2-800 RAM DIMMs with very low latencies. The problem I'm having is that they're running at 736MHz stock and with a higher latency, as I think the following illustrations should show. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v258/JSharp18/ramspeed.jpg (sorry for low res, photobucket sux) The RAM has EPP but the Mobo does not. It does however support DDR2-800. When I set the DDR2 speed to 800MHz in the bios, even though the setting will indeed switch to DDR2-800, it will still read 736 in the bios, in boot-up and in cpu-z. I've read that the 4200 stock speed is what limits the ram to 736MHz. Now keep in mind I'm completely new to over clocking, but my question to anyone is this: is it possible to get the CPU and RAM both running at optimal speeds and at the same time? Secondly, how can I accomplish this? Is it as simple as changing the CPU clock speed and multiplier? Cheers, Justin
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