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  1. turns out my 120G Seagate Hd packed it in..... was having "cannot find XXxXXXX.xxx file... and then it would not let me quick format, and then stalled at 51% on the long format.... so i ordered a seagate 320g SATA 16meg harddrive. *sigh* the drama never ends
  2. well turned out my Seagate 120g Hd packed it in... i tried to format... so i could start from scratch... well i tried doing the quick format and it would not let me...some error message about not being able to access the disk, and disk may be damaged... so i do the long format and it takes 2 hours to format.... then i reinstall and i get windows can nott load due to not being able to find a system file.... so i format again... the long one... and it stalls at 51%...... well i placed a order at newegg for a Seagate 320 gig sata with 16megs... should be a nice replacement.
  3. ok having a major problem..... this happend even before swapping PSU upon entering any game the pc will lock up or i can get in the game for 5-15 sec and then artifacting and then lock up.... even tried 3dmark05 and same lock up don't have a clue. card worked great in the old MB
  4. ok having a major problem..... this happend even before swapping PSU upon entering any game the pc will lock up or i can get in the game for 5-15 sec and then artifacting and then lock up.... even tried 3dmark05 and same lock up don't have a clue. card worked great in the old MB
  5. Hey guys, how you can help me out. I have a EVGA 6800gs that i had in my old system, stock it runs 425/1000, but i had it overclocked to 535/1180 no problems. now i put it in the Ultra D, and everything works till i install the video card drivers... it is telling the speed of the card is 425/2000 WTF 2000Mhz for memory... i wish. I try to set the memory speed back to 1180 or 1000 but it says it fails when i test it I have tried different drivers and everyone does the same anyone have any advice...??? i have removed and reseated the card numerous times.... i'm really stumped.
  6. well i was up till 3am last night, and up at 7am again this morning... the DFI ultra D and my Opty 170 CCBBE 0610 are in.... WOOT at 250Fsb... well slowely work my way up... won't be able to go to high due to the stock heatpipe cooler.... now i need to save up for water cooling. wish me luck guys :cool:
  7. i wanst't trying to be a nvidia fanboy... just to let you know...the 1950pro is a nice card to... i was just going by some reviews i found that showed that the 7900gs ko when overclock has the best performance/price ratio out there... and then there is me.... eagerly waiting for the R600 from ATI......:drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
  8. yeah after finding this site i'm so glad i jumped the fence..... the grass is greener on this side....i can't wait.... feel like a 5 year old waiting for christmas morning:tooth:
  9. get the 7900gs ko from EVGA... best bang for the buck card.. overclocks nicely and has a nice heatsink on it from evga
  10. Hey guys i finally got my Opty 170 CCBBE 0610DPMW WOOTTTT!!!! very happy with the steppings now i have been building pc for like 5 years and have till now only used Asus, MSI and GigaByte boards.... yes i know the DFI Ultra D i bought is totally different animal,so i wanna do it right... you guys can see the ram i have in my sig... anyone have the same ram/cpu/Motherboard setup? or can anyone recommend some setting to start with? thanks in advance
  11. yeah that guy was me... heheh i'm having a hard time finding a good chip!!
  12. Hey guys.. me again... well looks like my freind isn't able to find any Opteron 170 with good steppings. So i'm trying to to see if he can find a 175 with good steppings... now are the date/stepping codes the same for all dual core opterons or are there different codes for different models?
  13. Thanks a bunch for all your help, i gave him a list last night of stepping codes and date codes, he said it will take a few days, but he will go through all his suppliers till he finds a good one for me.
  14. well my buddy is on his way over... so him and i are going to have a little chat about steppings and date codes.....
  15. yeah i know, just trying to get the best bang for the buck. guys ordering from Newegg are getting good steppings... seems like us Canadians are getting the shorter end of the stick..... again......:sad:
  16. thanks for the link... huge help.... *sigh* looks like i won't be hitting 3ghz with my chip... i hate getting lemons. all he has are ccbwe
  17. Hi guys, right off the bat i want to let you know i have searched the forum and the web and i cannot get a straight answer on this, so i'm hopping someone can help me. My friend just called me and he is at his supplier to pick my up a Opteron 170... he tells me the supplier only has stepping CCBWE, and has a ton of them... now from what i have read the CCBWE is the worst... is this true or false... if it is the worst, what date code is the least crappy..... this will be installed on a Ultra-D with everything else from my Sig. i do plan to watercool eventually... sorry if i seem panicy, but i really don't want to get stuck with a lemon. thank you in advance to any comments or advice. PS: if the help comes from anyone in the Vancouver area i offer a plate of my world famous meatloaf... would offer it to people futher away but the postal service frowns when i mail food.
  18. ok, can i have the next set of winning numbers for the lotto 6/49 please......
  19. Hi guys, i'm glad i can finally become a member of this forum. Currently i'm still using my A8n-SLI (runs for cover) but in 4 hours i will have my DFI Ultra-D in my hands. Everything from my sig will be moved over to the new board except the processor, i'm upgrading to a Opteron 170 and i unfortunatly don't know the stepping, i'm getting ot for a killer price so i can't really complain. now here is my question... i'm getting 2 boards delivered to me.. one for me, one for a freind... one of the boards is Revision AE1 and the other is AD0. which one is the better of the two? i have found info on AD0 but none on AE1. i know he doesn't plan to OC to extensively, and i plan to OC the crap outta it. Any help would be greatly appriciated Thanks.
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