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  1. Well sold the cards and getting some 7900GT's with WC gear. The 93.81 drivers worked well.
  2. Yeah. I double checked that i had the optimiser installed. Don't have the Dual Core Driver, but that doesn't sound important. I read that if you ste the affinity of the the CoH process to cpu0 it shouldn't crash. WIll give it a try and see.
  3. After a bit of reading turns out it could be the game and SLI or Dual Core not working well with each other.
  4. Since getting two 7600GT's and starting out with SLI, i have had trouble with finding some reliable drivers. 93.71 Are unstable 91.47 BSOD's after you login. 93.81 Locks up in Company of Heroes 92.91 Locks up in Company of Heroes Downloading NGO 91.47 optimized drivers and will give them a go to. What drivers do you use for your SLI set up? How well do they run? AN what can you recommend?
  5. Um, i know you can only use one monitor. I even said it. But anywho. I got it working. For some reason vsybc doesn't work with SLI. But on the other hand i seem to ne getting really hard core lag. Lik when i start a game the computer just stops for a couple of minutes then carries on. Its really wierd, and incredibly annoying.
  6. Ah god damn it. SLI stopped working again. You could only set SLI Broadcast Aperature to Disabled or Auto. And i think its disbaling itself. Is there a way to enable it without setting it to auto? On a good note though, i got 8224 out of one card. And i got an OC of 629/1.54 from a factory OC of 580/1.45
  7. Your awesome! I missed this setting in BIOS. Thanks a lot Tasr!
  8. Been messing sround with them. Tried each card in each slot. They all worked. Check BIOS versions. Card 01: Card 02: Check motherboard BIOS version: 04/06/2006 Cheers for the info. I will go through it all again.
  9. The other day my two 7600GT's arrived. After playing around with them for a bit i decided to run some benchies. Once i installed 3dmark05 i ran a single card test and a SLI test. Both scoring the same 5k. I have enabled SLI in the motherboard BIOS. When i start the comp with both cards it tells me i can have SLI. Its just when i turn it on and i lose a monitor, the performance is the same as with one card. I've had a look around and can't seem to figure out why SLI ain't working. Does anyone have any ideas?
  10. All i noticed is it takes way to long. However i spotted something, when you start CoD2MP and press shift+` it shows a bunch of errors in console!?
  11. Ok. Anyone else have any other suggestions as to why I am BSOD'ing with two sticks?
  12. Wel my PSU is a native 24pin (no adapter being used), it has 18A on both 12V rails. Not sure how much amps on the single rail though.
  13. Nothing. Only need the CD when you play single player.
  14. Cheers, I'll try that a bit later. Also I'm looking at getting a Corsair HX 620W next year.
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