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  1. Thanks for the help. Will try those Trefs now. What do MAL, dyn, ctr and icl mean? Havn't seen them in my bios. I'm using the max drive strength already (8). Will try again. Thanks
  2. Same exact thing. I checked to make sure it wasn't the fsb that was the problem. Even at 250mhz 1:1 i'd get errors. If i repeat all tests at 1:1 I get the same behaviour. To be honest I expected the erros so i increased the voltage 0.5v at a time but what was funny was the error frequency and rate increased with voltage above 3.2v ;( I have the ldt multi at 3X, cpu voltage 1.425v and the cpu multi is 4. Thanks again for the help. I would really like to get to bottom of this.
  3. I'm trying those now. I really doubt it's heat as i just checked now and the modules aren't even warm. The 120mm fan is right above them and is on full whack. Please help! EDIT: Those didn't work for me either 30 errors and counting in test 7)
  4. Thanks for the speedy reply. It's OCZ4001024DCGE-K as reported in cpu-z.
  5. Hey guys, need your help again I never did mange to sort out my boot issues. Gave up in the end and will get a raptor to install my os on. I'm having a really hard time getting my 1GB OCZ 3200 EL BH.5 kit stable on my DR. The funny thing is it doesn't seem to like voltage! I currently have it at 250Mhz on a 166 divider with my 146 at 3Ghz. Timmings are: 1T, 2. 2. 5. 2. 7. 12. 2. 2. 1. 2. 0648. (twcl) auto. interleave-enabled. skew control - auto. skew value - 0. drive strength - 8 dram data strenght - 3 max async lat - 7 responsed time - normal preamble time - 5 cycle limie - 256 dyn counter - enabled queue bypass - 16 bypass max - 7 32byte... - disabled (4 bursts) The problem is at 3.3v I start getting errors on test 7 of memtest. If i increase the voltage any further, say to 3.5, I start getting errors straight away in test 2, 3 etc !!! I thought incresing volts helped bh.5 !! I really doubt it's heat as i've got a 120mm fan blowing directly over them. I suspect i'ts a particular timming or setting i've missed that causing the problems but I don't know which Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  6. Tried everything but the xp cd (I have an oem version) and it didn't work. I even flashed the bios to the latest. I'm running the advanced disk check now. How is it possible the drive won't boot windows but will run fine in it?!
  7. Thanks for the help... I've done that. Infact thats what I did the very first time to avoid deleting my backed up files on the maxtor. I've downloaded and burnt it onto a cd. Gonna give it a try when I get home. What utility in particular? Will try that too. The only usb connected is my wireless mouse. Could that be the problem? Windows boots fine on the maxtor with it attached though... Do you think it's a motherboard, harddrive or windows problem???:confused:
  8. Thanks for the help guys. Will try all the above when I get home. I'l set the hdd delay to 8 seconds first and see if that works. If not i'l try the cmos clear, zero hardrive with seagate tools etc proceedure. I only have the cdrom drive and hdds installed. The hdd is plugged into the mobo nf4 sata1 port (If i plug it into the sli controller sata port I get a "disc boot failure" error message)I have my wireless card plugged in though but havn't installed any drivers for it yet so it's off. I havn't got a floppy or anything else. I also have three fans plugged into the mobo (2*92mm front intakes and my abit otes ram cooler) I just can't think of what could possibly be wrong. I'ts a brand spanking new drive. It doesn't boot into windows at all so I don't think it's a windows issue. Whats worse I can access the drive and transfer files to it once i've booted into windwos with another drive !! (only tried two files though). I have an oem version of xp if that makes any difference (don't see why it should as it's worked on all my other harddrives so far). As an aside, how do you set the cdrom drive to master? I'ts already in the IDE 1 slot. Could it be a bios issue? or a sata2 problem? Thanks again for the help.
  9. Hey guys, shame this had to be my first post. I just installed windows xp on my brand new 7200.10 320gb harddrive. Installation goes perfectly fine but when the pc restarts the system doesn't seem to be able to boot from the hdd. The cursor keeps blinkin on the boot from hdd screen and occasionally I get a "disk boot failure please insert installation disc" error. I also have a diamondmax10 and I installed windows on that and booted from it fine. I booted from the max10 with the seagate installed and was able to transfer files accross both drives. However once i remove the maxtor and try again to boot from the seagate nothing happens I've tried swapping the cables round and i know it's not the cables. I've also tried different sata ports and know it's not either as the maxtor works on all of them. I've got a dfi SLI-DR if that helps and my drive didn't come with any jumper pins so i'm assuming it's running in sata2 mode. Has anyone had or heard of a similar problem? The only applicable difference between both drives is one is sata1, the other sata2 which is why i think its a mobo problem. I've asked for advice elsewhere and they suggested a full install and changing drive access mode from "auto" to "large". I've tried both and neither works. Please Please Help !!:sad: :sad: P.S. All settings are at optimised defaults.
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