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  1. OK.... I’m now eating humble pie with a healthy side helping of my own words. After a little research and a lot of thought, it seams that Antec's PSUs are notorious for the 5v dropping below 4.5, thus overloading the line and frying it out. That is why I could not get the machine to boot with the PSU that came with the case. As for the Ultra V, I determined that this was defective from the beginning and that is why it never worked. I bought it supposedly "Brand New" from someone off of Craig’s List and the box was admittedly cellophane shut when I picked it up, but upon further inspection, it appears as the box was opened from the bottom and there were obviously screws used to anchor the thing at one time. I would go over and raise hell (I know where the live because I picked it up and their house) but I am just happy to have my PC figured out. Again, thanks all for the help and I will make sure I take and follow my own advise to customers..."Trust me I am the expert." I will certainly put more trust in you guys next time!
  2. Yep, that is the really weird thing; Both of the ATX 24 pins are split and I have tried using just the 20pin portion on each and get the same results. No lights or fans, but us another straight 20 and I get it to react differently!?!?!?!?!?!
  3. Yeah got it here but it is only 300w and I don't really know how far I can get with it. Besides, when I do use it, get fans and the four red boot lights and that is all. No beeps, and it lies there like a glowing but nicely cooled dead fish. thanks again guys for the replies. I need more than my brain to work through this...my brain is done!
  4. Sorry to bust the bubble here but my first post to this forum, titled "Humbled and in need of support....etc", I outline the same issue with my antec45o. The same symptoms and all but I went out and bought an UltraV 500 and I have the same results. If you read the post you will notice that I first tested the PSU theory with a 2 pin and get more of a reaction from the board with it then the other two 24 pins. This I believe is virtually eliminating this power supply thing. I am in tech support and it seams that the "Antec Power Supply Problem" is a pink elephant that people throw around when they themselves are not sure of th actual problem. If anyone can adequately explain how the fans and lights will come on with a 20 pin and I only get the 5vsb with no less than 2 other 24 pinners, then I will eat my words and consider the PSU as a viable cause. Thanks
  5. I only used the 20 pin to "test board" and the Antec 450 was running fine for 2 month prior to this so even though I understand the need for an "Authorized" PSU from this list, this doesn't explain why a 20 pin will get the lights and fans to come on, while 2 ATX PSU's that are 450w or above, one working with system prior, only gives the 5vsb. Physics would emply that this would be opposite; The machine would do more with a 24 pin than the 20 pin but this is not the case hence the "Weird" in the title of the post. Please someone has had to have seen this before and can give me the quick (never!) answer. Anyway, I am going to try another PCI-E card that I have just to eliminate the GC and the problem. Thanks all
  6. I've had the machine up and running like a dream for the last 2 months and one day I went to power up using the hot key command and only got the front light panel for a split second. Tried again, same thing. Then (I should know better) I pressed the keys 4-5 times in a row, quickly and the machine booted fine. Shut the machine down sometime later and ran some errands. Came back and when I tried to boot, I got nothing. Opened the case and was only getting 5vsb light and no other. Tried an old 20 pin PS had around and fans came on and everything so I assumed bad PS (I didn't wait to see if machine booted and jumped the gun when the fans worked) I went and got a 500w Ultra V Series PSU (my case is pretty unusual and not many supplies fit) and plugged it in with the same results. Only get the 5vsb light and no fans no boot no nothing. AARRRHHHGG! So, I read the forums (New at this but not at Tech) and tried to clear the CMOS, no go. Tried to clear the CMOS for the 24 hours + and no go. What is up here? Why do I get the fans and all to come on with a 20 pin but only the 5vsb with the 24 pin supplies? If my BIOS is shot, which some posts are leading me to believe it is, how to I flash a dead board? I have a flash board at work but I don't thnk it will work on this board because it was used for 386 Mobo's and I don't think she'll take. Any help, suggestions, lashings for stupidity or what not woudl be greatly apprediated. Thanks in advance. From reading the forums I can see that I got a great board with great support from some pretty with-it techs. Gives me peace of mind! Update! I just read the post from ademcg and found this info. When I try the 20 pin PSU and lights and fans come on, it never goes beyond the 4 red diag lights......Please don't tell me it's the CPU or I'll choke on a turkey bone! Thanks for the help peeps.
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