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  1. IT would constantly be moving and not have any time to settle or sort of, "pearl".
  2. what kind of camera do you have dam!!!
  3. My friend has the case but no w/c. He loves the case and bought a s***ty w/c kit. Then again, I installed the kit. He may not be the most tech-savvy but i give him credit.
  4. Since my other one got locked due to my stupidity and not searching, I'll post mine here
  5. The formula at the end of the oc post made my head hurt! I may have to try that sometime. Seems fun!
  6. Just wait for people to start getting leaks and damaged pumps from shipping spraying coolant on the components. I think this was a bad idea for Dell.
  7. The Dell XPS 710 H2C. I just read a Pc Gamer and Dell had an ad in there about this 710 H2C. They were making water cooling sound like it was just invented. "A patent-pending two-stage process that allows you to push this PC to overclocked proportions." Heres the good part. "This Breakthrough technology helps cool the processor even at its highest mode..." Breakthrough? I think we were doing this way before Dell even came up with the idea of shipping an OC'ed computer. Its yours for $5499!!
  8. The thing is that I have my card OC'ed to 683Mhz with a stock of 620. The GTS is 500 stock. Will It clock as high as mine?
  9. Good Job! You should be paid by the DIY money tree.
  10. I JUST GOT A PACKAGE!!! It says from the DIY-Street bar. I opened it and a lovely bud light was sitting there as i basked in its glory! So this is where our money went to!!!
  11. I just put on the smiley face one from interfacelift really Good. http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper/details.php?id=1113
  12. I registered for that. But you posted here and everyone knows so I have a lesser chance of winning!! Think Quad core!
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