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  1. Hi there looking for help ................. Ikeep grtting a Blue Screen at start up i'm running Visat Ultimate 64bit the problem seems to be the driver for my BFG 8800GTX OC Card i've got the latest driver's......No matter what i try i keep getting the Blue Screen at start up any ideas!!!!
  2. come on Guys help needed need to get on my pc need info of my hard drive
  3. Hi Guys need some help went to turn on my pc the orther day and nothing happened.I have tested the power unit and its working okay......I have a single light on my mobby which is the Standby Light which seems to be on all the time....My pc was working okay when i shut it down tried to go on the orther day and nothing happend any ideas guys:sad:
  4. Cheers mate iv managed to get in bios and change as you said but for some reason its only picking up one pair of memory Should i be changing anything else so that i can run two pairs of 1gb ?
  5. HI GUYS im stuck here been trying to add extra memory into my Lanparty nf4 sli-dr mobby but my pc wont accept it Tried restarting to get into bios but cant seem to access it!!! Keeps going staight into Windows as this must be the higher boot option Any ideas how i can access bios to change boot options and change settings for memory?
  6. WHEN I STARS UP MY PC i Cant get into my BIOS it only lets me into WINDOWS EG SAFE MODE ETC ETC.............NEVER HAD THIS PROBLEM BEFORE trying to add extra memory any of you guys help me out cheeers
  7. that guys being serious here ive tried everything to get into my BIOS when i start up my pc only lets me windows ....xant seem to get into my BIOS NEED HELP PLC
  8. is there any body out there just nod if you can here me...............ha ha ha
  9. okay got what your saying mate but when i try to get in to my BIOS SETTINGS ..................I xant get into f.........all windows just starts up nightmare.any ideas lol
  10. this is a new board to me could you explain this to me please mate
  11. Need Help Guys Just Got My Mobby Up And Running With 1g Of Crosair Mem Dual Ddr Running Great I've Just Tried To Install Another Gig Of Crosair Dual Memory But When I Power Up The Pc.well Try To Power Up The Pc It Just Starts Bleeping And Wont Boot Up...................any Of You Guys Help Me Out:)
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