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  1. Sharp-No I just had them set aside till all my parts arrived I can however test them in this system that im using at the moment xp2400. Thanks for the link I'll continue trouble shooting on the weekend/monday as I will be away for a few days in Kent.
  2. I will give those settings a try ganders thanks alot oh and erico I got these sticks off ebay from somone who was splitting his pc something like 4 months back lol
  3. ok its stopped with the message "unexpected interrupt-halting" with 207697 errors Do you think its a memory issue? shall I buy some new ram?
  4. Ok same thing on test 5 coming in with 120,000 errors going up like a speed clock im guessing its going to give me the same amount of errors as the first stick.
  5. hi guys I decided to use one stick in the orange dimm slot closest to the edge of the mobo I ran memtest while i was away at work (I work nights) only to come home to find it had crashed at 7 minutes something about "enexpected interrupt alting" so im running it again with optimised defaults in the bios setting its now crashed at 13min 58secs with 545911 errors lol. Also something else I noticed is when I ask to boot from cdrom and it says press any key to boot it gives me an error message saying NTLDR is missing please press ctrl+alt+del to restart. i have heat spreaders on the ram that i stuck on but i managed to remove them and check whats on the ram chips it says SAMSUNG 613 K4H510438D-TCCC VCH650CC KOREA is that any help to anyone? thanks I look forward to any response
  6. wow thanks alot for the warm welcome guys Ok I'll try memtest first will post back and let u guys know what i get.
  7. Hi guys I recently assembled my system and having done one or two builds in the past everythings gone smoothly however I boot my system up ready to install the OS and it gives me an error I can get to the stage where it says its loading the windows drivers after that it says windows is loading setup and it freezes then gives me an error something like "PAGE FAULT IN NON PAGED AREA" then there are other times where it comes up with another blue screen that says something like "error in .sif file" I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to DFI so please have patience with me please help all I want to do is get up and running Thanks for any response Khanal,
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