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  1. Thanks... lol, and it only took nearly 2 months for someone to reply I thought it was so bad nobody wanted to comment on it
  2. Yeah thats pretty much it. I think its a board aimed for stability not overclocking. Is there anywhere but here that I could look to see if someone has modded a BIOS file for it?
  3. Here's the full spec: CPU E6600 w/ Zalman CNPS8000 lapped RAM 2GB Kit Mushkin HP2-6400, CL4 Mobo Gigabyte GA 965QM-DS2 (rec 2.0) GFX eVGA 8800 GTX HDD 1 x 500GB WD SATA2 wVista 32bit Ultimate Sound Onboard w/ Logitech Z-5500 5.1 speakers PSU Corsair HX 620w Optical SATA DVD RW 18x CASE Lian-li PC-V300 Screen 42" Hitachi 1080i Plasma M&KB Logitech Cordless Desktop S510 Cooling 1x12cm Scythe Sflex, 1x12cm Ultra fan, 2x8cm Papst fans, Lian-li TR3 fan controller build log with pictures I can tighten the timings on the RAM and overclock the 8800GTX but its so irritating having such a low clocked CPU. Is there any good ways within Vista that I could overclock the CPU?
  4. I've looked around and can't find any overclockers using this mobo. It isn't advertised as having overclocking features but I thought all mobos released in the last 2 years would have at least an admin section in the BIOS for editing voltages and FSB. It probably just needs to be unlocked with a BIOS mod. Which is why i'm here looking for one. When I hit ctrl-F1, I get an extra menu allowing me to edit the timings on my RAM but thats it. There are no options to edit my FSB or multipliers, which is irritating as I lapped my E6600 and HSF and my load temps are pretty low at the stock 2.4Ghz so I have plenty of room to overclock. Is there anyone here who could mod the BIOS for this board?
  5. Setting up the fan controller ok well i'm pretty much finished now. Although I still have some BIOS tweaking and overclocking to do Here's just a close up of those sweet copper pipes Here was the headache that was trying to get the fan controller wired up and still not have it block any airflow. Here is where the first thermistor went, wedged in beside the CPU cooler Here is where the second thermistor went, in the gap at the top of the RAM sticks heatspreader and heres where the 3rd thermistor went, down beside the fins on the 8800GTX A shot of the rear, with the IO shield installed ... and here it is 10 minutes later :mad: I tried booting up and... nothing, no post, no fans, nothing. I had to take the whole thing apart again and eventually narrowed the problem down to the USB connector for my HTPC remote was connected backwards. Here it is, booting up now, with the optical drive cover working and the fan control Close up of the fan controller. Have to admit, its very simple to use and looks pretty good. You can set the max temp to all the 3 temp probes and it adjusts the fan speeds automatically depending on where the temp is. It also shows HDD activity and has alarms if the temp goes too high or the fan rpms drop off Picture of the completed case Picture of Vista back up and running (finally) Lavalys is reading the idle temps as around 40'c... not sure if i'm happy with this. I might remount the HSF tomorrow with less AS5 just to be sure. I'll let the machine run over night anyway just to burn it in.
  6. Final modifications Well I pulled the Lian li out and got ready to install the mobo and all the other components again... then I realized I STILL had to install the Optical drive cover and the lian li fan controller... much frustration and time wasting followed Here are the side lips on the drive cage that where first to go. A quick bit of dirty dremeling and they where gone. Next I needed to bend the side mounts back, carefully making not to bend then too fast for fear of breaking them off. Here it is lined up After some rather frustrating attempts at mounting it and not getting it secure, I realized I needed to drill some holes in the optical drive :eek: Here are the holes lined up Here they are drilled Here it is finished with the fan controller. Let me tell you this was the messiest mod i've ever done, the amount of holes and bits I had to cut out to make this fit correctly was rediculous. For shame of them I haven't posted pictures of them. Lets just say whats behind this bezel is not pretty. Here is a before: ... and here is the result... was it worth it, hell no! If I could go back I would just sell the flippin thing but I didn't realise it was going to be so difficult to mount. Still its done now On a side I really do like the feet on this case, pity they aren't more visible in my HT unit Here is the lian li logo on the case.
  7. Finishing up lapping and cabling Ok so the HTPC is pretty much finished now. Cabling was a ***** and a half. even on my parents HTPC which was in the smaller NSK1300 cabling was easier. But then I wasn't trying to fit in 2x12cm fans and an 8800GTX I wasn't going to lap the CNPS8000 as it was already pretty flat (see pics on page 1), but when I said this to the wife whos going to be using the HTPC she was like "oh I see, you'll spend the time getting everything perfect for your machine, but for mine 'good enough' is acceptable"... lol, plus she wanted to see how the heatsink was lapped also. The whole process took no longer than 15 minutes as the heatsink as already pretty flat, and for some reason I think the copper used in this heatsink is softer than the copper in the IHS. It sanded down a lot more easily. Here is picture of the dust I needed to remove With it cleaned as much as possible. No shops here seem to be selling cans of compressed air anymore so I couldn't clean right in between the fins. Lapped to 400grit finished article flatness test The board after the wife installed the CPU and RAM Picture showing the SB heatsink does not touch the graphics card, like everything in this case the clearance is tight, but there is clearance Picture of mobo tray with everything installed. Included the iMon DT, personally my favourite thing about this rig Side shot showing the wiring up of the iMon and mobo headers. The excess wiring is hidden under the mobo tray Just a simple photo showing why I went for a modular PSU over a standard one. The pile of wires on the left are what I need for this machine, the pile on the right are what I don't. So glad I didn't have to find a space in the case to store all those unused PSU cables. A good hour later, the PSU installed and hooked up, it took some time trying to think up the best way to route those power cables. Rear shot of case, I pull tied an 80mm Papst fan over the slot that allows for the HDDs to be put into the case to give extra cooling side shot showing all the cables tidied as good as possible here ya go conzy, with all the "lids" on? Beside the case is the iMon remote. LEDs on the front bezel The PC booted up for the first time, everything seems fine. The CPU is idling in the BIOS at 28'c which is pretty good imo. I've yet to put in the fan controller so I had all the fans on high, and even at that the machine was still pretty quiet imo. Quieter than my friends Xbox 360 at least Finished Main Phase: Ok well I just got the HTPC set up, all the network, audio and power block cables hidden under the carpet. I'm going to format the HTPC and install Vista 32bit as the main OS (I want to try out Lost Planet:Extreme Condition at DX10 ) I'll have XP also on their to save any headaches should Vista crap out on me on movie night or something. Here are some pics of the setup, notice the great german layout keyboard, I managed to switch the letters around so they match the IE layout, but all the numbers and symbols are messed up. So if you know of any Germans looking for a good wireless keyboard and mouse set give me a shout This is the set up. The resolution is set at 1080p, the text and icons are 2 small at this res for browsing and typing, so I usually have it at 720p for normal use. But when i'm watching movies or playing games I set it to 1080p. The remote has a handy button that allows you to automatically switch between your prefered resolutions. The more I use this iMon remote the more I love it. All the buttons are configurable and the Media Center program is leagues ahead of the one bundled with Vista and MCE. This is the logitech keyboard, mouse and imon remote. The keyboard is super thin and the buttons are silent. Close up of the TV and HT setup. Presently watching the Matrix again at 720p using MPC as the player (best media player ever, end of story)
  8. Beginning the build Some pics... I might also mention that the missus was on to me about how she never sees me when I get involved with a PC build, so as she will be using the HTPC the most, she is building it under my guidance (although i'll be doing the dremeling) The disassembled PC-V300, this really is a PC builders case, more screws than I need and nearly everything can be easily taken apart. No silicon hot glue in site Although there are some horrible rivets, but I suppose I can live with them Nifty little tool Lian li included to screwing in the stand-offs. Its nice touchs like this that will make me choose Lian li for my next case With all the gut removed The missus installing the stand-offs on the motherboard tray, without using the included tool *sheesh* Installing the 8800GTX so we can size it up to the case THIS is why I need to go medieval on this case with my dremel Side by side comparison to see how far into the case the 8800 GTX will reach Modding it to allow the 8800GTX to fit The missus went for a walk last night so I was able to dremel away in the sitting room :eek: It worked out pretty well, I only needed one cutting disk. I have a little bit more work to do to fit the front 12cm fans in but i'll wait until I get the 8cm to 12cm brackets off Dirkvoodoo. This is the area I needed to cut out ...and 5 minutes later with aluminum dust all over the coffee table and carpet, the graphics cards in another angle back view As a side note, loving the NB heatsink gigabyte decided to use Modding it to allow 2 front 12cm fans Well last night I decided to make the final modifications to my HTPC case before the build can be finished. I collected some fans, fan adapters and my "beige" sata drive off a friend. While in Dublin I decided "wth" and bought some cat 6 cables from a tech store then got a netgear gigabit switch from PC world on the way home, i'll be using the HTPC as a fileserver so I might as well make use of the gigabit NIC's both of them have onboard. I also picked up a can of silver spray paint from B&Q's to deal with the beige sata drive issue. The bezel removed 30 seconds after I got it out of the box ...and with the newly applied silver paint job, not too shabby if I do say so myself cables and stuff I got today netgear gigabit switch to fit the 8cm to 12cm fan adapters I needed to cut the bottom out of the floppy tray I also ran into another issue with the fan adapters not being able to fit beneath the drive bay. So a quick bit of dremeling and a room full of the smell of burning plastic later I had 2 modified to fit fan adapters Here is both the 12cm fans (Antec Tricools from my P180b) in place The motherboard tray in place, that is one tight fit... ... but it DOES fit, to my amazement. The clearance we are talking about here is about 1mm *huzzah* I had to use a flashlight on the other side of it to make sure it wasn't making contact because the gap was so small another angle showing the clearance between the 8800 GTX and fans
  9. Just thought i'd post up a picture log here of a HTPC i've been working on for the last few weeks. It would of only taking me a couple of days where it not for parts arriving at different times, things going wrong, like getting the wrong colour parts, a bad BIOS flash...etc Anyway here goes, hope you like it. These pictures where taken over a few weeks, so the comments reflect this. The specs of the HTPC are: HAL 1.0: CPU E6600 w/ Zalman CNPS8000 lapped RAM 2GB Kit Mushkin HP2-6400, CL4 Mobo Gigabyte GA 965QM-DS2 (rec 2.0) GFX eVGA 8800 GTX HDD 1 x 500GB WD SATA2 wVista 32bit Ultimate Sound Onboard w/ Logitech Z-5500 5.1 speakers PSU Corsair HX 620w Optical SATA DVD RW 18x CASE Lian-li PC-V300 Screen 42" Hitachi 1080i Plasma M&KB Logitech Cordless Desktop S510 Cooling 1x12cm Scythe Sflex, 1x12cm Ultra fan, 2x8cm Papst fans, Lian-li TR3 fan controller Testing out the plasma Here's a picture of the wife playing some flatout 2 A picture of "Just Cause" on the 42" plasma. It's probably the most underrated game to be released in a long time The setup as it stands atm. Have to use my crummy old PS/2 keyboard as Spiderman 3 doesn't like my USB Saitek The eVGA 8800 GTX I bought from a guy in the states This is the remote i'm going to use with the HTPC. The lian li case has no front bay slots for IR remotes so I had to get a PCI transceiver This is the CNPS8000 I bought off hopeful Its a little dusty but nothing a can-o-air can't fix First picture of the PC-V300, got this very cheap from peats as it was their display model. Would of prefered it in black but beggers can't be choosers I guess. Main order for the HTPC arrives Well an order I made from German site, hardwareversand.de arrived yesterday. I'll be picking up some stuff off a guy I know locally this weekend and then i'll pretty much have the main guts of the HTPC ready to be built. You can tell its from HWV because the tape has germanian on it Box shot Corsair 620w modular PSU for HTPC Had an hour free so decided to void any warranty I might of had and lap my E6600 which is going in the HTPC. Here it is with teh stock IHS 5 mins in at 400 grit 10 minutes in at 400 grit. Flat with oodles of coppery nekkidness ..and 40 minutes later, I'd worked up through 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500, 2000, 2500, 10 microns. Owww, shiny and reflective... but is it flat? Yes it is! A good way to test if the surface is flat is to compare its reflection against some graph paper, if none of the graph lines are wavvy then you have a flat surface.
  10. Ok, i've got this board in my HTPC: Gigabyte GA-965QM-DS2 (rev. 2.0) There are no options in the BIOS to alter the voltages or FSB on the CPU. When I press ctrl-F1 i'm given the option to configure my RAM timings but that's it. Does anyone know of some modified gigabyte bioses out there that would have this feature unlocked? Is it possible?
  11. Simple as. Looking to upgrade my 7900 GTX with a 8800 GTS 640MB card. Anyone looking to upgrade their GTS to a GTX or Ultra, send your offers my way
  12. Ok before people jump in and start telling me to avoid software overclockers first read my reasons for wanting this software. I work as a system admin, and while i'm debugging/configuring/installing something in work I can VNC (I use UltraVNC for this) into my home PC and run various benchmarks and stress tests on changes I made to the BIOS that morning. Thing is, once i've finished this, I can't make any further changes to the BIOS, so most of my overclocking and tweaking is left mainly till the weekend or evenings, time i'd rather have free. So... is there a way of getting access to all my BIOS settings whilst in Windows. Personally I hate actually making changes in Windows, and VNC affords the ability to restart my machine remotely and still get access when it boots back into windows, so i'd prefer to change various values in the BIOS (like clocks and voltages) and have them apply when I reboot. I know its a long shot but does anyone have any ideas what I could use to accomplish this? It would allow me to do all my overclocking on my home machine from work, without having to wait until I get home to change BIOS settings.
  13. Why are you still using OCZ Tonys BIOS then? Also where did you get your information about Merlins BIOS working better than Tonys?
  14. 29 views and no posts? Ok well today I flashed to Tonys latest BIOS on the Tmods V9.0 CD (the lack of documentation with Merlins releases is unerving) It went alright, no major hiccups. I'll probably be overclocking this baby tomorrow, would appreciate any guidance at all regarding what steps to take with my RAM.
  15. Looks like the Tuniq might have a run for its money, can they get any BIGGER??? full review over at Hexus *drool* Cooler master Japan specs http://img.hexus.net/v2/cooling/CMGii/1.jpg http://img.hexus.net/v2/cooling/CMGii/5.jpg http://www.coolermaster.co.jp/PRESS%20RELE...jintakumi_1.jpg Looks like its set for only a Euro release atm. Methinks my Tuniq is going to replaced sooner than I thought, i'll wait to see some benchie results first though.
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