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  1. Got through the manual, maybe some jumpers u want to switch.. Maybe u haven't hooked up the PSU in the right way.. :confused:
  2. Maybe you should try a CMOS reset, or flash it back.. Or just try flashing the new BIOS into it again.. Oh, I've read somewhere that flashing to a new bios is bad when the computer is OC'ed..
  3. RTFM is well placed here, first I had problem too, check the manual first.. Besides that, wouldn't it be smarter to put up your rig as 'naked' as possible? I first set up my new rig outside the case on the DFI-box with the boxed cooler, so I knew it worked, then I placed it inside the casing. Had a problem, no signal.. I knew the rig was working properly so after some fiddling with stuff I solved my second and last problem: the VGA was placed good in the PCIe-slot.
  4. Ofcourse I stripped mine! AMD 64 3200+ Sempron. But I've put it back on since there wasn't good contact w/ my Zalman Res. 2 WC, temps rose so.. I used the tutorial on this site! Wonder if I'll strip my C2D E6600 too...
  5. The clanleader of the clan I play in also had some problems caused by the USB-mouse and -keyboard. I don't know for sure but there could some options in the bios for that. Or you just try a PS/2-mouse and -keyboard.
  6. I doubt that, and if it is true, it's far from healthy..
  7. Just search for it man, those stock speeds you mentioned, I guess you have to 'activate' optimized settings, don't think Í'm wrong but don't pin me onto it, don't have an DFI myself yet.
  8. I thought there was an topic dedicated to 975's Sli-capabilities
  9. Now I know why you're not supporting DFI anymore AG, I've decided to buy the Infinity instead of the ICFX, maybe Ï'll buy an ICFX when time get ripe.. Or if time gets ripe. Disappointed? A bit, more than that to be honest. I've always wanted an exotic overclocking DFI-board with UV-reactive japanese slots to learn OC-ing on but I'll be wise and less stuborn for once in a while: I'll stick with the bang for my buck and maybe when I've learned more about OC'ing and am ready for more, than I'll buy an LP board. Once again, thanks for the information AG!!
  10. Haha, yup I've seen the thread (and ur post to btw ), I'm on T.net for about 24/7 :drool: and that's where I've read they don't OC that well (waterkings post) Offtopic BTW: Maybe making an topic with installation problems would be an clever thing, about the SB, installing RAM at the slot that is the furthest away from the CPU, USB keyboard configuration in the BIOS etc. Also putting results in it about OC'ing, hopefully I can order the mobo the end of the week :cool:
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