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  1. He, he... RAM is on the way PSU I will buy in january but my LOGIC have good tensions but i love (:tooth:) O/C and I would like maximum O/C my gfx (While I not buy new)...
  2. Hey all! I serach vmod for my gfx - ASUS X300SE-X 64MB 64bits... Somebody has tutorial? Thx.
  3. Hey, that DFI it is better from Asus Striker Extreme nVidia nForce 680i SLI ?
  4. My 1st DFI DFI LanParty UT nF4 Ultra-D Athlon 3700+ SanDiego no-RAM (ECC don't run on Ultra-D... & in plans: 1x512MB, 2x512MB or 1x1GB) X300SE-X (In plans: Galaxy 7900GS) WD Caviar WD400 40GB (in plans: 160GB or 200) Logic 350W (in plans: Enermax 460W) Due to DFI I find this forum
  5. Dragon Ball Hm, artwork is OK but Vegeta & Songo faces are.. not good
  6. DFI Bro Why I haven't option of avatar in User CP? I know already Hm, DFI rlz! Before I have Sempron [email protected],3Ghz, Gigabyte K8NS & R9550 DFi & SanDiego is very, very better
  7. Try to correct your polish I be as assistance always Thanks Polish roots As I see they are on forum yourselves (themselves?) great users! I very like already this forum! (correct?) Ok, I correct it... Hm... I need 512MB DDR RAM & cooler (I buy such one in half of december), when I buy this part I start O/C!
  8. I invite! Girls in my country are cute! Tya... when vcore was 1,45V cpu was overclocked to 2,9Ghz... but I need good cooler
  9. No problem Mini dictionary: Polska - Poland Czesc - Hello Dzien dobry - Good morning Dzieki - Thanks Podkrecanie - Overclocking Plyta glowna - Motherboard Pamiec - Memory Prosze - Please in dictionary eng-pol is more words btw. nicely see people like for example - Dillweed "zycie ci miwego zbudowanego komputorow" - incorrect 'zycze ci milego budowania komputerow" - correct
  10. Very big thanks! Hm, and I have second question... What totals duty of package from USa to PL? Anybody know? Thx Matius
  11. Hello all. I have one quest, very important for me. What costs dispatch of package from USA to Poland? What costs dispatch of package from UK to Poland? Thx from top.
  12. U know polish? polish is it one of hardest language (Czesc, rozumiesz cos z tego? - polish) Thx for nice greeting I have become like of you already! Forum too PS. mother board - 150$, CPU - 180$, RAM - 120, GFX - 200$, O/C - invaluable!
  13. Hello, I'm new and I would like to greet all cordially! This topic i about... we! They let's introduce. Hm, i will be first... My name is Mateusz (Summary I prefer - Mat/Mati) and I live in Poland (Europe) but beside Warsaw exactly - in Radzymin. I have 15 years (10 february i have birthdays ). My biggest interest is PC, hardware, O/C But i like too software, games etc. Hm... I'm news user of DFI Street and I would like to greet cordially all very! This forum is great fos users DFI Thx all btw. I apologize but it is not good my english but I try to correct it
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