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  1. think thats about the cheapest you'll get it,as hard to get been running awhile with 2 asus x1900xt 512 cards with no probs so far happy with it update to latest bios if you get
  2. no drivers no driver support at least xp had drivers, seemed to come quicker support for xp than vista at least microsoft should have arranged with manfacturers for better support of hardware and software
  3. will give it a couple of months and then get vista ulimite OEM version cheers
  4. so better off staying with xp then as its 32 bit only reason for moving to vista was 64 bit might consider the OEM version of vista ulimate,with poor support in drivers for it,no rush
  5. if one got the OEM version and say you changed the mobo and cpu in years time,would it be a big deal to get it activated
  6. they canceled it today and changed the price to €333 owell
  7. bought it and they canecled it as the price was too low
  8. they wont have in stock till 02 of march ,will see if they honor it for that price as they didn't take from my credit card yet
  9. not over here more else where like http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct....atid=20&subcat= http://www.dabs.ie/productview.aspx?Quickl...11168,404080000 big difference in price all have same manfacture number see where im comming from over here OEM are cheaper the upgrade version by €100 +
  10. is multiplayer working as was on 2 months ago and saw no one
  11. bought this vista ulimate upgrade retail here was €121 delivered,probly mistake on there part,dont think they can change price on me once i paid for it,can they heres link http://komplett.ie/k/ki.asp?sku=330374
  12. here a version ulimate retail upgrade going for €109 http://www.komplett.ie/k/ki.asp?sku=330374 not in stock doe,they might have got wise
  13. a friend is looking at ulimate OEM 64 bit version and home premium version does mostly gaming which one is there a difference between the 2 cheers
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