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  1. jab-tech service kicks a$$. I ordered quite a few yate loons, a new swiftech 320 rad, some fittings and stuff from them 2 days back. Within 30 minutes, my order was packed and shipped and should be getting here today via Fed-Ex.
  2. **DRIVE_LETTER**:Documents and Settings**USER_ID**Local SettingsApplication DataMicrosoftOutlook You need to go in folder options in explorer and unhide hidden files. Just copy over everything from this folder to the similar location on your new system drive
  3. ATITool can be used with both ATI and nVidia cards.
  4. I was just gonna post that - http://www.nforcershq.com/forum/vista-and-...de-vt66299.html This should help you out!
  5. This was posted @ Hardforums 2 days back. Thanks to that I was able to pick up the last 2 Raptors @ my local BB.
  6. 1) How many hard drives do you plan on putting in the HTPC? 2) I would recommend not getting a DFI board for HTPC. Dont get me wrong, I have 2 of them in my other systems. But DFI boards have a problem getting in/out of S3 standby.I am using a FoxConn mATX board based on the nforce 6150 chipset for my HTPc and it runs perfectly. 3) Also the PCP&C would be overkill for your HTPC. Something in the range of 400-450 should be quite sufficient for the HTPC. I am powering my HTPC with a FSP 300W PSU and absolutely no problems. 4) I am using a Opty 146 in my HTPC since I dont do any video encoding or compression on my HTPC. If you plan to do either one of these then dual core would be a better option.
  7. ACPI relates to power management. Power cannot be managed unless there is power in the first place! ACPI needs to enabled in bios for the front button to cause shutdown, not startup!
  8. Increase voltage to 2.8. tcl= 2.5 trcd= 4 tras=7 trp=4 Run memtest!
  9. You are giving the ram too much voltage. I have the same ram on my second machine and 2.7V is more than enough for the 4400le's. Anything over 2.8V is gonna start giving you errors. Do this - You need to test the memory for errors before you start doing anything else. FSB = 270 LDT ratio = 3x LDT transfer = 16/16 cpu multi = 9 PCIe = 101Mhz CnQ = disabled cpu startup value 1.4v cpu= 1.35v (Set this manually in the dropdown) ldt= 1.3v chipset= 1.62v ram= 2.7v dram frequency= 200 (1:1) divider cpc= enable tcl= 2.5 trcd= 3 tras=7 trp=3 trc=9 trfc=16 trrd=3 twr=3 twtr=2 trwt=3 tref=auto bank interleave= on dqs skew= auto skew value= 0 dram drive= auto dram data drive= auto max asinc latency= auto dram responce= normal read preamble= auto idle cycle limit= auto dynamic counter= auto r/w wueue bypass= auto bypass max= auto 32byte granularity= auto Do all this and run memtest # 5 and # 8 from genie bios - at least 25 passes each and report here if you had any errors.
  10. As I told him earlier, if the EZ switches are working, he needs to check the wiring from the front case button to the mobo pins. I can think of a few reasons why the front button might not be working - loose connection to terminals, something shorting out. Check the front case button and make sure that the wires are soldered to both connectors properly. Use a small plier and space out the pins on the mobo a little bit more. Chances are the connector on the wire is not making proper contact with the mobo header pins.
  11. Sorry! There is no +/- for the power SW and the reset SW. Either way should work fine.
  12. I was about to say the same thing. The flow is literally getting gangraped with all that 90 degree fittings.....Dman! counting almost 12-14 of them right angle fittings. Dude.....not to be rude! But you really gotta get rid off all those right angles if you want to get the best performance from your water cooling setup.
  13. There is no setting in the bios that disables the front switch! You should be able to power on using both the front switch and the EZ buttons. If you are unable to power on using the front switch, make sure that you have wires connected to the proper pins on the mobo. Also check the wires from the front switch to the mobo pins to see if they are not loose or attached properly to all connectors.
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