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  1. I have built and repaired several rigs and systems over the years and am a self taught geek. This problem however has me perplexed! I built a rig for my wife for gaming and have not been able to get SLI to work properly. Here are the specs and the problem description: Case = Antec LANBOY PSU = OCZ GameXStream 700w SLI Mainboard = DFI Lanparty nF4 SLI-DR CPU = AMD Athlon 64 3700+ RAM = Corsair 2GB PC3200 DDR HDD = Western Digital Caviar SE16 7200 RPM SATA Video Cards = PNY Verto Geforce 6800GS PCI-e (x2) Sound Card = Creative Audigy 2 M.. Viewsonic VX922 19" LCD OS = Windows XP Home OEM The whole system is cooled by the Asetek WaterChill system. I also have 2 120mm case fans. I originally had an Asus motherboard but it was DoA so I sent it back and got the DFI. I have tried to rebuild the system 3 times as well as 2 fresh installs of Windows XP. I Have ensured all power connecters are attached. I have the pins on the mainboard set to SLI. I have the SLI bridge installed on the video cards. All drivers are the most current and I have tried using different revisions as well as different mods of video drivers to no avail. I have the BIOS on the motherboard and video cards flashed with the latest revisions. I have tried to switch the video cards around. I have tried using both VGA and DVI connecters. I have never been able to get SLI enabled. I get the bubble that says this is an SLI capable system but when I attempt to enable SLI the screen goes black and I lose signal on the monitor. Eventually I have to restart the PC and go into safe mode to restore in order for it to work. I have gotten a BSOD on occasion with an nv4 display error code. I looked up this error and basically it can be anything having to do with the video system. I have tried fixes posted on different forums, but to no avail. I am extremely frustrated as this is the only persistent error I have encountered that I cannot correct. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Ok, I cleaned all the drivers on the Pc and made sure all connectors, etc were plugged in properly. I checked the jumpers, etc as well. All hardware appears to be configured and installed properly. I started installing drivers 1 at a time to trouble shoot and everything went fine. I updated Windows, etc. I saved the video drivers for last. I downloaded the latest current driver from nVidia. I installed the driver and started having problems. Apparently the problems are related to the video drivers. I tried to install 3 different versions of the nVidia drivers and have not had any luck. Basically I get the desktop and the SLI capable system bubble pops up. If I leave it like this I have no problems. When I attempt to enable SLI the screen goes black like it is changing the video options then stays black and the monitor looses signal. The PC will stay this way until I reset it at which point it will get the Windows load screen then reset itself and loops in this manner. I have to pick last known good configuration to get back to non SLI. I am unable to enable SLI.
  3. I am downloading PC Wizard and Everest now, will let you guys know what I see.
  4. Tried all of the above, no joy. I checked the BIOS and it has x8, NC,x8,x4 under PCIe and cannot be changed. I cannot figure this out and have pretty much given up on SLI. I have even tried a fresh OS install twice. I tried both cards and they both work in the top slot. I will try the second slot later as it is the only thing left for me to try and not sure if I have done that yet or not. I just need to take a break for now as I am getting a little too frustrated and do not want to break anything. Trying all of the troubleshooting with a water cooled PC is a pain Thank you all for your help and if you think of something we have not already tried, please let me know.
  5. Can anyone recommend a guide for BIOS settings so I can ensure my BIOS is set correctly?
  6. Well I went with the OCZ GameXStream 700W PSU and $200 later I am still having the same problem. Is it possible that this could be a software issue with Windows? I get to the Windows load screen and it starts to load then I lose the video signal. I have tried to use the VGA cable as opposed to DVI and same problem.
  7. Well it looks like the power supply may be the issue then so I will go ahead and purchase one to replace mine. I will let you guys know what happens.
  8. I have tried both the 61.76 and 93.71 Forceware drivers. Both cards are identical, even in BIOS. I have the Viewsonic VX922. I have not tried the VGA, and will do so. I have the ATX, stabilizer and SLI power connectors all connected on the mboard. Those are the only 3 power conctions I see on the mboard. You are right Kingfisher, I do not want to hear that Actually I do not have an additional PSU, but may go out and get one for troubleshooting purposes. My other PC has the same PSU but is not an SLI rig. P.S. I do not think it matters, but I am also running the Asetek WaterChill cooling system.
  9. Sorry, I actually have the bridge connected and tried both enabling and disabling the SLI Broadcast Arpeture in the BIOS, no joy.
  10. So I tried to swap the video cards between the 2 PCIe x16 slots. Both cards work as the primary, but when I enable SLI, nothing. With the cards swapped I no longer get the flashing white cursor, I get no signal. I cannot get video past the BIOS and pre windows screens.
  11. I built a new PC for my Wife. It is mainly a DFI LANParty SLI-DR board with an AMD Athlon 64 CPU, 2 GB Corsair XMS RAM and 250 GB HDD. The PSU is an Ultra 550 X-connect 2 and the GPUs are both PNY GeForce 6800 GS PCIe. The PC runs fine except when I attempt to enable SLI mode via the nVidia console. The screen goes black except for a flashing white cursor in the top left corner. The LCD is a ViewSonic and it is connected to the top GPU via a DVI cable. I have the mboard jumpers set for SLI, both cards seated properly and all 3 power connecters (1 per GPU & 1 mboard) connected. Any advice is appreciated!!! I have also attempted to reinstall Windows XP and have ensured I am running the same drivers on both GPUs.
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