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  1. and i upgraded to OCZ 700W psu and all is sorted
  2. Hello, I get this when i run pair of XFX 7600GT xxx in Sli mode. This happens when i run 3DMArk2003 (and once when i installed UT2004). But when i run it in single mode i get over 13 thousand points, completing test with no problems.
  3. Okay, i brought PC to my local repair shop and they recond this was due to Nforce Inbuild Firewall, they sorted that out and system seems stable now ... well see how it performs in future
  4. Hello, Yes i did that, installed using one graphic card, two hard drives because i wish to use them in raid which obviously cant be done with one drive only. Now i have switched back to single card and system seems to be stable.
  5. I think we might be on right track. I will be running only single card for now and see what happens.
  6. Running the Memtest v1.55 for 2 and half hours now, just wondering how long it takes to complete. No errors yet. also i was reading about power supplies for DFI boards, but i dont know if Tagan 480W is fine?
  7. Sorry cant do because i just did that 2 days ago and i barely have anything on the pc so i rule out Xp problem.
  8. And now i get awfull lot of "encoutered a problem and needs to close" Example with Mozilla Firefox now!
  9. Im sorry, dont understand you there. My PSU is Tagan 480W TG480-U01 PSU
  10. Hello, I have this story. I have got new system with A8N-E, Dual Core CPU (below), card, memory and single WD 160GB Sata drive. I was having problems with blue screens and system halts. I decided to do upgrade and purchased new Dfi board and new pair of Seagate Sata drives to run in Raid0 mode and another 7600GT card. System is much, much faster now, but I’m having problems with blue screens. This morning when I got back to my bellowed PC I saw the blue screen again. The only part that are still same from the last system are: Memory, PSU, and one of the graphic cards and I have suspicion on the memory modules. System: NF4 Sli-DR DualCore AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2000 MHz (10 x 200) 3800+ Two NVIDIA GeForce XFX 7600 GT xxx (256 MB) in Sli Mode Two 512MB Corsair TX pro, PC 3500LL (xms3500 438MHz And two seagates 160GB SATA in Raid 0 mode. I would very much appreciate all your help.
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