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  1. Cool, thanks for everyones help! Much appreciated
  2. FINALLY - In the BIOS I had to disable to OnBoard Serial as well as change the USB to v1.1 only and it boots up normally. That mean I have bad 2.0 drivers?
  3. Sharp - I do have front USB connectors which were connected, however while troubleshooting I had removed the connection with the mobo and the problem still occurs. Crack Jiver - I'll try enabling the usb/keyboard support and see if that makes any difference. Thank you all for your help!!!!!
  4. The boot devices are only 1) CD 2) H.D. 3) Disabled - I have no USB devices connected upon startup. Is it possible the printer shorted out one of the USB sockets? I am currently using 4/6/06 BIOS.
  5. I disabled the USB in the BIOS and it now boots up. Could the USB ports be bad here or ??? What would cause it to work with USB disabled but not work when it's enabled?
  6. Well I've did all that's mentioned above and it's still having this odd problem. I've discovered that it isn't necessarily the printer, but any USB device. The screen goes black, I have to insert a USB device and then remove the device and Windows will boot up normally. I've tried removing all USB components in the device manager, rebooting, and re-installing - same results. I've re-installed Windows, SP2, updates, etc. and it's still having the same problem. Any more ideas?
  7. I'm baffled with this one, maybe it's a mobo issue - dunno. When I boot Windows and it gets to to just before the logon screen, the screen turns black and sits there. When Windows is "activated". I have to turn my printer on / off with the USB plugged into the pc. Once the printer turns on / off the logon screen appears and it's fine. I tried to boot into safe mode earlier and it would get stuck at MUP.SYS until I did the same thing, then it would boot into safe mode. Otherwise it'd just hang. ???
  8. Sweet, will do Brother Esau. Beats paying $15 for one..I knew there was a different avenue thus the reason for me asking. You da man.
  9. What can I use as a serial port since this board doesn't come with one on the backplate? Thanks.
  10. Nah, I got it for $ 88 and he gave me $25 return because it was used...which I thought was a great deal only being $63 + shipping for an expert board. If I could get it to work without putting any extra dough in it I'll be a happy dude. Thanks for all your insight. erico - I'll try that and get back.
  11. I followed the guide exactly but only did it for around 18 hours...I'll try 72 hours. How do you get a new "rom bios"?
  12. I included a pic of where I plug power into. In addition to the power I have: 1. CPU + heatsink & fan 2. CMOS Battery 3. CCMOS jumper on NORMAL With just those installed shouldn't the LEDs get past detecting the CPU and halt on 3 LEDs?
  13. Items are not still under manufacturers warranty even if they're sold to another party yet still under the original warranty?
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