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  1. This is my first and last DFI board. Have to say there seems to very lttle support and the board has 'issues' - 1) Boot cpu @ 2.5 250X10 no probs, @260X10 wont post even though if I set it to 260X10 using clockgen its 100% prime95 stable. 2) The Nvraid bios is way outdated and totally useless when trying to install x64 or vista - very annoying when trying to run my 2 raptors in raid 0. 3) northbridge heatsink is a joke, really how much extra would it cost DFI to stick a half tidy heatsink on there (wouldnt even mind having to pay a few extra £'s for it) 4) forum admin seem to have a serious attitude problem - banning members for something as petty as not having a sig. So in short im selling my AM2 X2-3800 and DFI board and getting an E6600 and asus p5b-deluxe.
  2. here is the guide I followed for slipstreaming the raid drivers - http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...&st=0&p=356029& a straight forward easy to follow guide, just make sure you use the drivers from 6.53 chipset drivers as the new drivers wont work with the older nvraid bios version. Whats is the 10X multiplier issue? im running an am2 x2-3800 with the standard 10X multiplier and so far its turning out to be the worst clocking chip ive ever had. Its taking 1.575v to do 2.55 water cooled. My old socket 939 dual core was doing 2.8 100% stable at 1.525.
  3. Hi guys, are we likely to see a new bios in the not too distant future with an up to date nvraid bios. Ive managed to get the raid working on my xp boot drive by taking the drivers off an old set of chipset drivers and slipstreaming them into xp. Problem now is I cant get the raid working with Vista Ultimate 32bit as the chipset drivers for vista have the later raid drivers that dont work with the outdated raid bios. p.s. can someone recommend a good chipset cooler, ive tried 1 but it wouldnt clear the dual pci slot cooler of my radeon 1900xt and theres no way I could cram a water block in the available space.
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