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  1. Considering what you have listed for hardware I would think 450 watts would be adequate. I don't have any experience with Rosewill though and some manufacturer's ratings can be anything but correct :mad: as far as your video is concerned I would say yes to investigating something better than the onboard video but maybe you should look at PCi-e:rolleyes:
  2. All in all the board has worked close to perfectly for me now for about 6 months. I am very happy with my desicion to purchase it. There is only one thing I can say that seems a bit quirky. Every once in a great while, say ever 100th boot, the system will not boot at all. It only happens on power on and only when the system is cold. It really is no big deal as pushing the reset button does the trick but it never ceases to raise the hairs on the back of my neck nonetheless. Call me squeemish if you wish something about hitting the power switch and not hearing a beep makes me squirm
  3. The board supports them at native speed just fine.
  4. My sig is proof of this statement. Where is that Lanparty board anyway?
  5. Mine as well be a mile! I can't imagine the chip beneath would take kindly to the pressure required to make that kind of adjustment.
  6. Thanks Praz. I can read into your words that there is PLENTY of clearance betwix the caps and the fan. This is good information and puts to rest any concerns about this I may have had.
  7. Thanks Praz. I appreciate the pointer. If I were to ask you what socket AM2 Crossfire board you would suggest what would you say (besides look at Conroe:p foooo like I already have heard more than enough)
  8. The caps have a metal body that is covered with a heatshrinkable outter covering. The tops of radial electrolytics have exposed metal. I suppose if there really was a clearance issue and the capacitor was of the type that had one lead attached to the metal can (most are) then I suppose it is concievable the heatsink could create a connection between adjacent capacitors or create a path thru the heatsink somewhere (I didn't say likely and I don't have a board, see above post, to even have a clue if there is a clearance problem). I just wanted to point out that, yes, the aluminum casing used to make electrolytics is conductive and yes the top of almost all electrolytics has exposed metal.
  9. I didn't write the review on NewEgg, I was only quoting back what I read. I had a bit of trouble understanding how what was writted could have happened myself but it really was moot as NewEgg didn't carry the board anymore when I was ready to place the order. I wasn't worried about the caps shorting out to the fan as I figured a piece of Kapton tape would solve the problem if there really was a clearance concern. That said, this whole darn situation is starting to give me a burn. I would like to get a crossfire board with socket AM2. Right now, the only place I can actually seem to purchase the Infinity board is [cough] EBay! This isn't a confidence building situation to say the least. If the board was abandon at launch then how will it be supported in the future? So Praz, you pointed me to eWiz. Did you order the board from them? Have you dealt with them much in the past? Are they reputable and why can I not get the account setup page my cart page etc.....? Ewiz is iMicros on EBay aren't they.
  10. I believe there was one review of the board. If I recall correctly, the reviewer ended his story with an RMA. (S)He stated that the chipset fan didn't have adequate clearance over the capacitors around it and shorted out on boot causing something to fry. I am planning to order from eWiz (if their website starts working... I can't get to the page to create an account) I will pop my results of this purchase here if there are no objections. Anyone here know anything about eWiz? Never purchased from them and am starting to get a little nevous with how many links in their website don't seem to actually take me anywhere.
  11. Any pointers on where this board can be had? I have been watching NewEgg and it went from AutoNotify, which it was on for weeks, to missing off the list! Wat up wit dat :confused:
  12. Looks like the Lan Party version is starting to ship in Europe. See here http://www.bg-computers.com/ 227.50 Euro..... Wow! Hmmm now I wonder. These guys are saying preorder http://www.azerty.nl/producten/product_det...3200-m2r-g.html 210 Euro though.... gettin better
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