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  1. I got the SATA hdd running. It seems that I missed the SATA setting in the Genie BIOS setting. It was actually my fault. I knew of Genie BIOS and figured that was only meant for overclocking, I was looking everywhere else in the BIOS...oh well, now I know. This isn't really a problem, but I enable SATA on ch1/2 but on the main BIOS where it shows the HDD listed, my WD1600JS is listed under SATA 3/4. It is physically plugged into SATA ch1 though. Is it supposed to be like this?
  2. I have an NF4 LP Ultra mobo and I haven't had any problem with it no for about 7 months. I just bought a new 160gb SATA 3gb/s hdd and hooked it up, threw in the XP cd and went to format it before i install the system on it but it says: There is no hdd detected etc. I have 2 20gb IDE hdd's which I have been using for these 7 months, and I hooked them back up to write on these forums. I looked in under Disk Management in Admin Tools to try and format it from there, but its not listed there and I looked in the BIOS to make sure SATA is enabled but I do not see an option for it. I am out of ideas. I will be searching Google for ideas while I wait for an answer on here. Am I missing something? The SATA power and data cables are hooked up properly and I even switched cables and ports just to be safe.
  3. what does the nvidia lan do? is it basically a onboard mini hub? because i had a 4 port hub. 1 is the connection from my bros internet, 2 is going from the hub into my pc and the 3rd port has a cable going from the hub to the ps2 for online games. so take out the need for the ps2, could i basically use the 2nd port on the board for another pc if we wanted to game?
  4. is a 1gb stick of RAM better than 2x512mb, vice versa???
  5. Rgone was right about the USB. I had a USB keyboard and whenever my old PC crashed or w/e I couldn't get past the OS Selection Menu because it was a USB keyboard. I never figured it out until I plugged in a regular keyboard and put 2+2 together. I doubt that helps seeing as you got the Insert hey to work 50% of the way. Just figured I put my two cents in here somewhere. EDIT: by the way, whenever I Winflash, I always do it right when I first get the board. When everything is setup I load the OS, get online, do what I have to do and then restart, make sure everything runs fine for at least 24 hours until I start to o/c and such. I have done it about 4 times and each time it work fine. The 24hour wait period is a precautionary thing for me. oh yea, this may sound like a dumb question, but you said backup your BIOS??? i was unaware a thing like that existed! if this is real, please tell me how. :END EDIT
  6. hey thanks man. i got it working again. let me see how long it goes before conking out on me again. if it does I'm gonna try to fix it somehow and if its a no-go then I'm gonna talk to Donna.
  7. i did both and nothing...it still does the same thing... im thinking it's either defective, or something could be conflicing with it, but then again, i don't have any other sound cards and i deleted anything having to do with my old sound blaster card. i checked the irq's and dma's, everything seems to be functioning properly.
  8. ok. i got it working. but theres on problem. it seems like it works when it wants to. and when it doesn't work, i go to NVmixer, click Speaker Wizard and going through which speakers have sound and what not. Then it works for a while. When i shut down my PC and start it up again, same thing. and i have to repeat the process....suggestions anyone? EDIT: also, for some reason, it has to been on Environment Enabled to work???
  9. i mean, am i really going to notice a difference with 1600dpi? i have a crappy Yahoo mouse right now. its like 5 years old. haha
  10. is this mouse any good? i can get it for 8 bucks -- but i wouldn't buy it for its suggested 30 dollar price...
  11. thnx, but i have decided to go with PQI once again. this time with the turbo series. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820141152
  12. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820150009 this type of memory any good? im gonna be gaming...don't think i will o/c the memory as of now. but i have oc'ed my vid card and cpu.
  13. i have a zalman cnps7000b heatsink. when i attatch the fanmate2 controller and boot my pc the fan turns on for a sec, then the blue light shuts off and the fan slowly starts slowing down until it completly shuts off? can this be resolved in my bios? also, i have an antec lanboy case. i notice i have 3 leds: green, yellow and red. red is for hdd and green is the always lit led. i can't figure out what yellow is. my board nor case manuals say nothing about this. i looked at my connections and their all hooked up properly and no cables are missing. its funny, because i just noticed this when my bro bought the same case and noticed the yellow light lit. anyone have an answer to this one???
  14. just out of curiosity, is it best to leave CPU VID StartUp Value on Startup?
  15. got it working fellas. turns out, i had the wrong drivers. i was installing the nforce chipset drivers with that ac97 stuff instead of the nvmixer program. something simple that i just overlooked.
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