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  1. The kit that is being purchased is the OCZ 2x1GB Platinium (cas2, don't know the chip used). I want to use them with CorsairTwinX512 3200XLPRO (2-2-2-5), I think it's TCCD (or TCC5). I guess you're saying I'm better off just using the 2x1GB. Then I'll let my bro have the 2xCorsair that he can use with the OCZ 2x512MB Platinium Rev.2 he has (we tried it and it seems to work...tested for 4 hours only though)
  2. Is it possible to run 2x1GB and 2x512MB on a DFI NF4 expert board? Already have 2x512 and wondering if getting 2x1GB would allow to run 3GB Thanks for any advice on this one
  3. Thx for the advice. I'll go for the X2 3800+ with a Fortron 600W and a 8800GTS.
  4. For the PSU, would a Fortron Epsilon 600W be good enough? Thx
  5. Thx for the reply. I prefer to keep the cash to get a 8800GTS or GTX. Changing to C2D also means new board and new RAM. I trust your advice that the X2 will allow to drive one these beast GFX cards. I heard the single core is not up to to the task.
  6. U think I will need to upgrade to a more powerfull PSU? Then I'll probably go for the X2 which is almost 1/2 price to the Opteron165. I guess they perform basicaly the same @ a given speed. I just need to get 2.4 GHz out of it, I think. Thx
  7. Hi There, I plan on upgrading to a 8800 GTS or GTX in a couple of months (maybe the ATI HD2900XT). I've heard that my CPU (Athlon 64 3000+) will limit the GFX card. Questions : Would a X2 3800+ or Opteron 165 be good enough to drive these GFX cards? Is it worth it? Or is a C2D really needed? Is the L2 Cache the only difference, apart from the multi, between the X2 3800+ and Opteron 165? Is there a better choice? I mainly run a CAD application, do some video editing and some gaming. Not much interested in benchmark results, really interesting in getting programs to run well. Thx for advice. P.S.: on another note, is it possible to advertise/promote a new product for car tuners on this Forum? I suppose some PC OCers also like to tune their cars.
  8. I advised him to run Prime 95 for at least 8 hours. Anyway, the Audio software he's using will crash if it's not stable. Thx for the help. I think Abit boards handle all kinds of memory modules pretty well. I wonder if it would work on my board.
  9. Thx for reply. He just booted with the Fortron epsilon 600W and added the hardware one by one and the refurbished board he found on the net. So PSU was probably not powerfull enough. His old board is out for sure. Rig works with the 4xRAM sticks. CPU is set @ 9x240 (2160 Mhz), RAM is on a Divider (declared as DDR333, so running @ 196 Mhz) @ 2-3-3-8-2T. The OCZ definitely has TCCD, I believe the Corsair also.
  10. Hi, Ok he changed Mainboard (found another Abit Fatal1ty AN8). It booted with minimum hardware (Video Card, CPU and 1xRAM stick). So we guess the chipset failed on the first board (had 1.75V, maybe too much?) Then he added the rest of the harware and the PSU failed. Question? Is the Fortron Epsilon 700W a good choice for a PSU? He thinks the Tagan 380W couldn't hold the load. Or would there be another reason for it to fail? Thx for help
  11. Hi All, My brother has recently encountered an issue with his rig. The specs are: Abit Fatal1ty AN8 (not SLI) Athlon 64 3000+ 2x512 MB Corsair Platinum PC3200 2x512 MB OCZ Platinium Elite Edition PC4800 1xGainward GLH 6600GT 1xSATA Drive 2xSATA Drives in Raid0 (NVidia Raid) 1xSCSI drive for audio samples with MAudia Board (sound engineer) Tagan 380W PSU His rig has been working fine since over 1 year. Recently, the system would hang and last week the system hanged in the Bios and he noticed a white spark on the screen at reboot and it hanged. It does not reboot since (error code 9.0 on Abit board). What has been tried: 1) Tested system with another GFX card. No change. 2) Abit has sent a new Bios chip (quick reponse by the way). No change. 3) Screen has been tested OK. 4) PSU has been tested with a PSU tester. Tests report OK. 5) CPU has been tested OK. Anyone have an idea where the issue could be? Thanks for help
  12. Is there a preferred choice beetween a Point of View and Gygabite 7950GT GFX Card for a DFI Lanparty NF4 Expert board? Thx for advice
  13. He's planning to make the switch sometime around january. Are there recommended brands for his board?
  14. Thx all for the recommendations. Since he plays @ res of 1280x1024, he's going to wait for the 8600 to come out (or that the prices on the 8800 drop a little). For those who asked, his setup: DFI Lanparty NF4 DLI-DR Expert AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Venice Core clocked @ 2.5GHz (250x10) under 1.3vX126% Corsair TWINX1024-3200XL PRO on 180 divider (9/10) @ 2-3-3-8-1T under 2.8v 1xSparkle 7600 GS 512 MB 80GB Maxtor IDE Drive DVD-Writer Antec TruePower II 550W
  15. Thx for advice. Good to know he doesn't need to make the move to 2Gb either. Could have been difficult to go from 2x512 to 4x512 (especially to find the same RAM).
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