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  1. And now I'm probably going to be not so nice: Did you read my first post? Obviously not. Sorry but I was asking something specific and your answer was not even one of the three options I gave. Never mind
  2. Wha? Not more Netspeak lol You trying to confuse me on purpose now? EDIT: just worked this out two seconds after I posted it. Already knew a block is WCooling related, then I remember Danger Den aree very popular. Now I get it, I should sftu lol
  3. Thermaltake Typhoon it is FTW! Lol Now after reading some reviews I found that it can be an even better cooler with a better 120mm fan. Plus, I dont really like the colour scheme of the thermaltake one. I know that is secondary but this is the first time I actually have an esthetically "pleasing" to the eye PC and this fan is going to be the at the centre of my see through perspex window :-) http://myfoto.westnet.com.au/Photo/elessar...s/newpanel1.jpg http://myfoto.westnet.com.au/Photo/elessar...cs/casevie1.jpg http://myfoto.westnet.com.au/Photo/elessar...ics/clights.jpg So, now what's great is, I already paid these guys for the Zalman which I can't get, hence this thread. But the Typhoon is actually cheaper too so I have some money left over and want to get another 120mm fan, from Nintek, not anywhere else. I don't want to make a stupid mistake because I can see that many 120mm fans probably aren't suitable for mounting on a CPU cooler, dont have variable fans speed and so on With all this in mind and despite doing my own research, I would appreciate any advice you guys have on which fan would be a good choice from this short(ish) list http://www.nintek.com.au/x/scripts/prodLis...idcategory=1029 Cheers :cool:
  4. LOL guess I have to brush up on my Netspeak :-D For the Win
  5. The one I can get is the Thermaltake CL-P0310-01 Big Typhoon VX as in above link. What's FTW? (ill go google it now)
  6. Hmm well that doesn't really help. I have heard of the Ninja but cant get it here. I was hoping for advice on one of the above. so far my vote is inclining towards the bigtyphoon but not going to make any deciions till I hear some first hand accounts of these three (or hopefully at least two of them) Cheers anyhooo :-)
  7. I agree Praz. Strangely and suddenly all these reports of lower than 166 divider doesn't work?? When for me, the only divider that DOES work IS the 150 divider as my RAM doesnt like the 166 divider. MAL and RPT settings are vital IMHO (that's Max Async latency and Read Preable Time for you noobies ) try setting these two to MAL- between 8 and 10.0ns RPT- between 6.0 and 9.5ns For me anything below 10/8 is a no go and higher than 325 HTT/FSB i have found 11.5/8.5 helps stabilise things I think the problem though, is probably like others have said, your RAM. Also if you are new to overclocking as I suspect you may be, proceed very carefully as you may not know what might cause major problems and cause you a load of grief. Read the OC guide, print it out if you have to, and proceed carefully and use trial and error. Know also that your stepping of the Opteron is not a great overclocker, well, relatively at least (compared to the CCBBE) but some of the guys here will tell you how high you should expect to overclock in ideal circumstances, bu I'd think you could settle for 2700 maybe? Hope some of this helps
  8. Ok I was supposed to be getting the zalman CNPS 9700 but it seems I cant get hold of it now. My supplier has offered me three alternatives Asus Silent Knight CPU Cooler: http://www.nintek.com.au/x/scripts/prodVie...?idproduct=8487 Asus Silent Square Pro CPU Cooler: http://www.nintek.com.au/x/scripts/prodVie...?idproduct=7931 Thermaltake CL-P0310-01 Big Typhoon VX CPU Cooler http://www.nintek.com.au/x/scripts/prodVie...?idproduct=7981 I would like anyone familiar with these to give me their first hand impressions and help me choose. Thanks in advance
  9. Sorry I haven't replied recently. Been busy. Just wanted to say I appreciate your replies. I've decided to wait before going any further. Still waiting on that Zalman CNPS 9700 which I hope will allow me to Overclock just that little bit more and hit the magic 3G. Some of the timings people inlcuding yourself have provided have helped me out. In regards to Preamble and Max Async (from now on ill call them RPT and MAL) I can;t run them as low as you, not even below 250Mhz. I think its more of a CPU issue though I can't be certain about this. I found someone else was running 8.5/11, I was running 8.0/10 and as stated before any lower and I can post ie Gets to where one should see "verifying DMI pool date....." but I just see the flashing underscore... If I boot into windows at above settings then lower MAL and RPT i get the weirdest errors with SP2004/Prime with recurring errors on one core which result in a fast scrolling stream of messages like "restarting test..." So I think I've nailed those settings, 8.5/11 is mroe stable above 328*9, below that and 8/10 is fine. Here is a screenie of my A64Info timings http://myfoto.westnet.com.au/Photo/elessar...InfoTimings.jpg - Note that Tref is set to AUTO in Bios which results in 1032 , funny thing is there are TWO 1032 settings which I find a little perplexing. These settings are stable for me. I'll also post a screenie with voltages etc.
  10. Thats what would deter me right now too. Having to change not only the CPU but mobo, ram etc. Im happy with what I've got as it is a huge jump from what I had before and is the fastest machine I've ever had. I dont see why I'd need faster anyway (though I DO get it, faster is always better) when I can play Oblivion maxed at 1600x1200 with 16xFSAA. I'll be waiting a while before I upgrade anything now.
  11. LOL that's ancient :-) My last Intel was a Celeron 600 in 199x (cant rememeber exact year, probably 98.
  12. Yeah but intel dont have something extremely overclockable and cheap like the opty 165 do they? Thats a lot of bang for your buck , which is more important for me. In terms of outright performance though, I wouldnt know but obviously Intel have the edge but Im sure trusty old AMD will not let their faithfulls down and have a few tricks up their sleeve left in them yet
  13. This is the RAM I'm using:- http://www.teamgroup.com.tw/xtreem/overclo...el-cronus-uccc/
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