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  1. considering he asked what bios is best for least ULI freezes he probably IS having problems....
  2. These results are going to be skewed towards the problem side as a lot of people with this board but not having issues aren't going to be posting on this forum anyway.
  3. I'm running a dual core Opteron 165 in my CFX3200 with no problems, up to 2.7ghz very easily.
  4. You'll need to do a full format ,I think something happens when you set up the RAID. I always format when I install Windows anyway as a matter of course.
  5. Dunno what they're like in your neck of the woods but my local computer repair shop had a pile of old floppy drives. He let me have one for free, even if he charges it won't be more than a few euros.
  6. DFI has the original RAID drivers, or you can go to techpowerup.com where you'll find the beta ULI floppy driver which helps with the RAID problems some users have encountered (not me though, mine runs fine, hope yours does too!)
  7. I've just checked, its definately CTRL A for the ULI controller. CTRL S is for the silicone image bios.
  8. I thought it was ctrl A for the ULI bios....
  9. Yeah, thats loaded CPU temps, idles around 36-37c. Thanks for those links bud, I'll check those out.
  10. I'm running dual primes on my Opty 165 and Smartguardian is reporting the PWM IC temps as 52-53c, is this OK? CPU temps are 43-44c
  11. I got my opty 165 yesterday, well chuffed with it. Only at 2.5ghz at the mo but ran Prime for 11 hours with no problems whatsoever, max temp 40c! Will go higher but I'm happy at this speed for now. Komplett (uk) have them for £110 now, when I ordered 5 days ago they were £99! Smug? Yes I am....
  12. My chipset floats around 40c so that sounds fine...enjoy!
  13. Its a sporadic fault which doesn't affect everybody, I'm running RAID 0 on the ULI with no probs either. Go figure....
  14. 'Fraid so, what the hell, its only another hour or so wasted, LOL Don't think you'll have a problem on 1 and 4, some people say it works better on 3 and 4, from what I've read here.
  15. I've got Crucial Ballistix PC3200 running @ 2-2-2-8 2.8v [email protected] I'd like to go higher on HTT, but when I try 225 I can get through 3dmark05, but usually fail on SuperPi. I've read through the overclocking guide here, but to be honest most of it went straight through my head without stopping. Can anybody point me to some more relaxed settings which might get me a bit higher? I've tried 2.5-3-3-7 and got to 230 (completed superpi and 3d05), is this a reasonable setting from which to go higher? Be gentle, I'm learning.....
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