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  1. I ran memtest for about 14 hours, no problems... Then realized that my problem was not even a memory one... I think... I had both my DVD drives set to master on an IDE cable... I switched those to CS and now it runs perect... Eeven though it was all an issue with me making stupid newbie errors... BTW I ran Ntune and had it up to 2551 Mhz all stock, with temps in high 20's low 30's, with the side of my case off... I am amazed Thanks everyone for the help... kenbo3667
  2. I ran memtest for about 18 hours w.o. getting any failures: Here are the results: A64 @ 2210 Mhz, L1 128 18116 MB/S L2 1024 4501MB/S Memory 2047 2273MB/S Chipset Nforce 4 ECC: disabled Settings: Ram: 200Mhz (DDR401) / CAS: 3-3-3-8 Dual Chamnnel (128 Bits) Wall time 18:41:... Cached 2047 M RSVD Mem 276 MemMap e820-Std Cache on ECC off Test Std Pass 25 Errors 0 ECC Errs blank I read somewhere about using cpuid to get settings from the 'SPD" but I am having trouble finding one that can run from floppy. The good news is I softbooted and from the PC health section the cpu is running at 40 deg C and the PWM 7 Chipset temps and are 50 and 49 deg C. The bad news is that I tried booting though and got exactly the same the same error: i386ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded. The error code is 7. I had previously tried booting from both DVD's and with every copy of Win XP we have, so it shouldn't be the Xp disk... Any wisdom, suggestions, anything? Pls help... I am becomming despondent. kenbo3667
  3. actually I have cleared and tried from scratch several times, so far to no avail; but I am doing so again to do the memory testing you suggested... Will have to mess around to figure out how to only the test you mentioned... I have done the memory testing thing before for a couple hours and fell asleep so I didn't pay attention to any results so, eing methodical will help Thanks Much
  4. First post, sorry if a bit wordy 1. Just built this, and have not yet gotten Windows installed. 2. Purchased Kingston Hyperx before discovering that Kingston is not recommended. 3. I tried for days with 1 stick and am now back to both in the comp in the orange slots. 4. Comp will boot consistently and will start to load Win XP; then will consistently halt saying it can't find one or another file, or that one or another file is corrupt. 5. Under my current memory settings (3-4-4-8, I think: New to this timing thing) I consistently get File i386ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded. The error code is 7. 6. I think it is a memory issue because I get different erors under different timings; and i have a coupld of times gotten quite far in the install process beofre the errors showed up'; though 7. I have also read it could be an issue with the BIOS and ACPI on the mobo... per article http://support.microsoft.com/kb/812580 8. Any help in how to troubleshoot this, failsafe memory settings for the v6.00 BIOS (remember I'm new to this); or other advise you can give is greatly appreciated. 9. And if it is likely an ACPI poroblem is my only option to Flash the BIOS?? Can you point me to a tutorial that says how to do that? About to go :mad: CRAZY :mad: kenbo3667 PS - Thank you for any ideas or pointers you might be able to give thi DFI newbie.
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