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  1. Hi Thanks for reading...I have my OS x64 installed on its own partition, 16GB. I want to reinstall because I went form an AMD 4000 to the Opty 185. :drool: I tried to use KillDisk Free edition to wipe my OS on the partition but could not. Is there something I did wrong? Should I put my XP64 disk in and not worry about the clean wipe? I would like to wipe just the OS partition not the whole drive, is this possible? On a side note when I was fooling around with my Bios 04/06 it seemed to revert 5.12 Bios? When I bought the board it was installed with the 04/06 Bios. Is this possible? Thanks!
  2. I was thing a bug but I hope not. Any other ideas? It is his work computer and he is out of action.
  3. Hi Yall...I am not sure if this is the right section but here it goes. My Father has a Dell laptop (Dell Ispiron 8500). Last night a random program wanted to start installing, something called ALS? He does not remember. He clicked no; unknown to him was that Windows XP was also trying to do an update. He then cancelled both. He boots up the laptop and now the hard drive has continuous activity. Any program he tries to open take 5+ minutes to open and double that to restart or power down the laptop. The CPU usage is less that 5% in the task manager. We have also done the system restore twice but no luck. The system restore takes 30+ minutes and says “unable to restore” when it finally finishes . I have done a Google search but to no avail. Any input is greatly appreciated, I not know where to start. Thanks for reading
  4. My first post here so here it goes...I am going to wipe my HD (250GB)with one of these programs: KillDisk Or Book-And-Nuke (any input welcome) but my main question is how large a partition do I need to make for XP64? I want to put all my games, pics, ect. on the other partition. The only things I want on the XP64 partition is the OS. Will this work? Will I run into problems with stuff not loaded on the OS side of the partition (ie like winamp)? Thanks for the help, I'm a bit of a noob.
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