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  1. Hi Sharp, Thanks for your reply. Since my original posting I found that there is a desktop option of 63 settings ranging from .0800v up to 1.5625v for the V core. If you load the Asus utility called Ai Booster from the CD then it gives you these options plus a few other excellent options as well. I initially tried the 'unhide' method you suggest in the BIOS but it only gave one voltage option but the above method is great......pity DFI havent adopted it, it wouldnt half of saved me some headaches with my CFX3200 board.
  2. Hi SupaSnipa, You must have missed this !. http://www.diy-street.com/forum/showthread...8836#post668836
  3. I found the answer to my query. Installing the Ai Booster package gives the ability to change from the desktop.
  4. Hello, I have just built a new system with an Asus M2n32 Sli Deluxe board and I am really pleased with the whole system. I have o/c by 10% ( which it does itself ) and the system is very stable unlike my previous board, DFI CFX3200. However, can someone advise me how to reduce the Vcore on this board please (Asus) ?. My system runs at 35c and the CPU at 36c which went up to 55c occasionally while running 6 hours of Prime95 Torture. I would like to see if the system will stand a slight reduction in Vcore power but when you look in the Bios under 'Power' > Vcore you only get an option of a 1.34v setting or 'Ignore' ?. I have looked through the handbook and cant seem to find any explanation for the 'Ignore' option or a method of reducing the Vcore. There must be one but I cant seem to find it. Any advice gratefully appreciated, thanks.
  5. Thanks for the reply Praz. At least thats nice to know that the OCZ PSU is OK. I think the CMOS chip must have been hit when it went down but I dont know whether to get another chip or not from GRAINS in Wales.
  6. Hello, Apologies for the following 'newb' question. Can anyone advise me if there is or should be power detected on the 24 pin atx (20+4) -5 rail ?. I have just purchased an OCZ PSU, plugged in a Maplin supply tester and find everything lights up except the -5 LED. I cant boot up my CFX3200 after my Antec PSU died and now only have a yellow standby LED showing on the board so I am wondering if the new OCZ is faulty or not.
  7. Further to the above.... I have just booted up for the first time today and went straight into the BIOS to alter some settings. While doing that the system locked up and I had to reboot it. To me that indicates that the lock-up problem could only be with the BIOS as no other drivers could have loaded. Anyone agree with that ?. I am running the latest 7/28 bios which was allready loaded on my board when I puchased it 3 or 4 weeks ago new from a retail outlet.
  8. When I initially began to get the 5288 errors I noticed that at every Event Log entry at the time of the reboot or lock up the following entries were allways present at the same time -: ATI Smart Perflib Diskeeper Now I had Diskeeper set to automatically defrag at random so I deleted the application from my system. Next I went into 'Services' and put both ATI Smart and 'Performance Logs & Alerts' on 'Auto' as they were both on disabled as per Black Viper. Since carrying out the above I have not seen another 5288 in the Event log for the last 5 or so days BUT the damn system is still freezing up for some reason and there isnt any indication or a patern shown in the Event log as to whats causing it !. I appreciate that all the above might be just a boring load of rubbish but it might mean something to someone somewhere that can interpret it better than me.
  9. Found the answer to my own question !. I had downloaded the beta version of POWERSTRIP and thats probably why it didnt work for me. I have now downloaded POWERSTRIP v373 and that does show the Adaptor list. Once in Adaptors look for ACER LABS RAID CONTROLLER ( I know mjs8278 advice was ACER SATA CONTROLLER but I wonder if that was a typo ?? as it doesnt exist on my system) The latency setting is 128 which I have reduced down to 32. We will see if that makes any difference to my system . Before making the above adjustment I ran ORTHOS Prime95 for over 5 hours with no warnings etc but still had a lock up afterwards with nothing showing in the event log !!!. Very strange.
  10. mjs8278 Player Owner Join Date: Jun 2006 Location: usa Posts: 18 M5288 Fix -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- to sum it up its the m5288 latency timmer issue default 128 should be no higher than 64 or 32. in essence the 5288 is hogging the bus for too long , no need, probably a mb bios BUG ok first of all this is why so many of you have stutter issues and mouse lag at the desktop when using the m5288 controller and get SYSTEM EVENT NOTICES. first off i installed xp pro sp2 then newest sisoft sandra went into busses and devices, pci bus 0 , 5288 was looking at the m5288 and noticed the following......... under device capabilities the latency timmer for this device is set to 128 i said wtf 128 ? no way..... ok knowing from experience that is not a optimized setting for a hdd controller so first question how do i change this setting ??????? answer..... entech taiwan's POWERSTRIP installed powerstrip goto options , adapter information upper right corner you can scroll threw the system devices... find the ACER LABS SATA CONTROLLER low and behold a option to change the latency.......................................... i set it to 32 and wow i mean WOW no more lag, no more stutter, no more system event notices and my entire desktop experience became more fluidic and more responsive. its increadable even diskeeper 10 defrags are now faster I would like to see this option in the next bios revision please. would be a big help. can someone please make a utility to do this........... -------------------------------------------------------------------------- MIS 8278 posted this some time ago. As the 5288 fault appears in my event log to be a time out problem the above would seem to be a fix. So I downloaded the POWERSTRIP from Entech's site and run it. Unfortunately it would not show the 'adaptors' section on my computer indicating that it was disabled. Anyone know of a way to enable it OR some other way of getting into into the device so that I can reduce the latency figure ?. Thanks
  11. Oh dear ShaTR....... Are their any issues with this board ?. I am getting vibes from somewhere that there are just a few small issues and its called '5288 Error : Event ID: 9' . I am on my fifth '5288 Error' TODAY. The event log indicates ' The Device. Devicescsim52881 did not respond within the time out period'. Without trawling through pages and pages of postings on this issue can anyone advise what this 'response time' failure is and ( the obvious answer is no) cant this response time be altered somehow to try and overcome this ridiculous situation.
  12. I am now starting to find 5288 faults in the Event Viewer with lock ups of my system on my new CFX 3200 build whereas, strangely, for the first 6 days allthough the system encountered 1 or 2 lock ups a day there were no 5288 faults shown. I have installed the beta ULi driver and used the 2.20 NVidia drivers. My system is running on the 7/28 bios. If this instability continues can I swop over to using the SiL?. Will I have to reformat my system or can I just enable the controller in the Bios and swop the leads across ? Currently the ULi manager indicates that niether of my two SATA HDD are present but they both show up on the boot up screen configured as RAID 0 X 2 I would be appreciative of any suggestions.
  13. Well I have fired up my CFX3200 for the first time and it has one or two problems which I would be gratefull for any suggestions. Unlike YTDAMNIT I'm not having temperature problems but I havent done any overclocking yet as its not stable. While downloading 62 SP1 updates it got to installing download number 45 and suddenly the system rebooted ???. Previous downloads on my other computer didnt do that so I assume there is a fault somewhere. Then there was ' massive file activity' reported to the degree that a message came up indicating that I had insufficient Virtual Memory which was changed allthough there was plenty originally and the system locked. A Prime95 test for only a couple of hours didnt reveal any problems. I didnt want to leave it running all night unattended at the time untill I was happy about the temperatures but as they seem stable I think I will be doing that next. Finally a Memtest-86 v3.2 stopped after 14min 41 sec in test #7. I assume I have a suspect stick of RAM allthough as I write the Memtest has now been running for 2 hours without locking up this time around. All temps seem OK but another strange symptom is that allthough both SATA drives are recognized on the boot up screen, in the ULi manager it shows all drives from 0,1,2 & 3 as 'NOT PRESENT'. Event viewer not showing a 5288 fault and I deliberately didnt load the 3114 drivers as I'm not using that drive connection. Anyone know from the symptoms given what maybe causing the lock ups please?.
  14. If I choose to set up my two SATA HDD on Raid 0 am I right in thinking I would have to reformat and do a re-install to reset it later on to,say Raid 1 ? I am also using slot 1 and slot 4 on the ULI M1575 for no other reason than it was easier to connect the cables with a finger and thumb. As long as I make sure 1 and 4 are enabled in the bios am I correct in assuming I shouldnt have a problem ?.
  15. Forgot you asked about board version....I believe its R.AOO if that means anything to you.
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