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  1. will this BIOS work with the F1-3200PHU2-2GBZX from G.Skill ?
  2. Hey Guys. I am in the search of a good BIOS for my G.Skill ram. F1-3200PHU2-2GBZX Is the exact version. Let me know. Thanks
  3. I have taken a look at the overclock database... I even searched for my ram. No one seems to have it... whats going on lol... I thought it was decent ram
  4. I don't really know much about ram and timings. I am currently in the process of overclocking and am a bit lost. I attached a screenshot of my most stable OC at the moment. (I have not tweaked it yet). http://img215.imageshack.us/my.php?image=overclockxc8.jpg .Now I went into BIOS and there are so MANY options under the memory tab. I don't understand half of them. I wonder if someone could help me out on what to set them at. I have this ram = http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820231032 . I think that this would be pretty good overclocking RAM. Well here is what my BIOS says under the Memory TAB. Dram Frequency Set (Mhz) 166 5/6 Command Per Clock (CPC) Auto CAS Latency Contgrol (Tcl) Auto RAS# to CAS# delay (Trcd) Auto Min RAS# active time (Tras) Auto Row precharge time (Trp) Auto Row cycle time (Trc) 07 Bus Clock Row refresh cyc time (Trfc) Auto Row to Row delay (Trrd) 02 Bus Clock Write Recovery time (Twr) 03 Bus Clock Write to Read delay (Twtr) 02 Bus Clock Read to Write delay (Trwt) 03 Bus Clock Refresh period (Tref) Auto Odd Divisor Correct Disable DRAM Bank Interleave Enable _________________________________________________ DQS Skew Control Auto DQS Skew Value 0 DRAM Drive Strength Auto DRAM Data Drive Strength Auto Max Async Latency Auto DRAM Response time Fast Read Preamble time Auto Idle Cycle limit 256 cycle Dynamic Counter Disable R/W Queue Bypass 16 X Bypass Max 07 X 32 Byte Granulatrity Disable 4 burst That's about all there is. Now I don't know most of these. Does anyone know a good setting someone who has the same board and ram would be perfect. I am lost and don't want to mess with stuff I don't know about.
  5. Hey guys I need some help. So I decided that I want to overclock my processor further. I am just a little confused about stuff and need a little advise. I attach a image of my current overclock. (Disregard the memory frequency i forgot to throttle it back to 9/10). Anyways my multiplier is set at X11 right now. I don't know why but isn't it better to have it at X10. Will I be able to get a higher overclock? PCI-Express is set at 100Mhz. Is that ok? My CPU Vid is 1.475 should I push it higher than that? And here are some voltages that I don't know much about at all. Need some advise on what to put them at. LDT Voltage Control 1.3 V, Chip Set Voltage Control 1.59 V, Dram Voltage Control 2.72. What should I put these values to? What can I do to overall improve my overclock. (6 minutes into orthos and still only at 37C so I have plenty of heaed room )
  6. I tried that and did a full installation. The first time it froze. So I tried it a second time with only installing the audio drivers. It worked fine. Detected the card but still no sound. So I boot back up into Normal Windows... And it says that it can't detect the audio device used blah blah. So I uninstalled again and tried to install them again in normal windows. Same Thing IDK whats wrong. I am going to check the card out tonite at my friends house. If it works in his comp then I will cry haha
  7. I have tried a different slot and get the same error. I also tried to install it directly from the drivers online. I will get a bsod before the installation is finished. I don't know what to do.
  8. Hey Guys. I am encountering some serious problems. I am trying to install my Creative ExtremeMusic Soundcard but it won't let me finish the installation. Everytime the installer hits the audio drivers my computer will reboot. I don't have any sound. So i tried to trick the system. I disabled the soundcard and installed the drivers. No problems what so ever. Until I got prompted that it has found a new hardware - wdm sound card blah blah. as soon as the screen comes up my system freezes. I don't know what to do. I am almost certain that the soundcard is not bad. I don't even have the SLI-DR soundcard installed and in the BIOS i disabled AC SOUNd or w/e ... what am I doing wrong or how can I fix this? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. Alright I think I am going to give the Expert a go. Price is almost the same and I am sure that I can handle the BIOS ... Just need to read a little bit on these forums and I shall be fine
  10. How much harder is the Expert from the Regular Version? I mean I do have knowledge I have been overclocking systems for the past 2 years. This is my first DFI board. Is it smarter to just go with the SLI-DR version?
  11. Hey Guys I need a little bit of help. Here is a link to the board that I want order this friday http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813136166 It's a great board and I can't wait to get it. I just have a few questions before I order. Will my ram work with this motherboard? I heard that DFI are picky about that. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820231032 . Then also my HDD's I have 2 of these running in Raid-0. It that going to be a problem with the DFI in any way? My Current MSI board is having troubles with the raid... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16822148139 I also have a 700watt ocz gamestream so I hope that is going to be alright with it. Thanks for any answers in advance
  12. actually i am getting a new psu with the mobo so that won't be an issue. I am also not a noob when it comes to overclocking. I got my old 3200+ stable at 2.7 ghz on air with the board that I have right now. It's just dieng so I want the best mobo possible
  13. Hey guys (I fixed my memory) after reading all this and looking at different stuff I looked for a mobo that seems to be the best bang for the buck. http://www.directron.com/slidrexpert.html let me know what you think? EDIT: Actually this MOBO is not D family its UT. does that make a big difference?
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