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  1. found the problem!! 299 errors in MemTest!! RMA'ing soon
  2. wow i am getting errors left and right, maybe a bad mobo?
  3. i saw a CPUz screenie... i trust him too.
  4. i am the second owner of the chip and the last guy, i know him had it at 2.8GHz
  5. wow thats ridiculous. but what else could be causing this?
  6. I have a problem with the overclocking. Whenever i try to put my fsb over 220, no matter what settings I get the raid array error. is there anyway to fix this? Its really annoying, and even at 220FSB i get BSOD's, and i have 1.55v+104%... what is causing this?
  7. well it worked fine before i reinstalled windows
  8. I have a hercules 5.1 Muse DVD sound card. i have been reading around and people have had problems w/ the nb voltage.... is this the cause of me having no surround sound? It is a pci card.
  9. alright, well, i think its my ram making it do that. I cant get past 245FSB x10 multi being near stable...
  10. alright guys im getting this problem but im using IDE. I cannot get above 220FSB without a reboot/detecting array... Is there any fix yet?
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