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  1. Ok, got tmods disk.. what a nice little thing. i just did the 20 mins waiting thing for the bios to clear its self. i also noticed.. the memory overvolt jumper setting was on .. so i turn it off so that i couldnt kill my memory. i also noticed that a everyonce in awhile.. computer wouldnt boot up, (wouldnt go past the 3ed led) so thats failing on memory. maybe thats all i need'ed Also updated my sign with the right bios info. if theres a better modifed bios..do tell me.
  2. I was talkin to Tmod the other day about getting a new chip. never knew about reflashing from a disc..i contact him
  3. Ah yeh.. good point, i reflashed the bios from floppy, that worked. but it didnt help my little problem.
  4. Well iv had this motherboard for a few months now.. very good motherboard. but now, iv noticed that if i reboot, the bios 90% of the time will reset. if i shutdown the computer and turn off the psu, that 90% goes to 100% . I have checked the batt. its fine. iv tried re flashing the bios. no work. i took my motherboard to memoryexpress ( http://memoryexpress.com ) paid 50 dollers for nothing, they said they checked it and nothing was wrong.. makes me just wana smack em. So anyways... If anyone has any ideas of why the bios just.. randomly resets, I am on the computer right now.. and nothings wrong once it boots up.. its just..overclocking something like this ..hah thats like trying to run with no legs.. Only thing i can think of is the bios chip dead.. and imo for 50 dollers..they shoulda replaced it.
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