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  1. Thanks guys, as always you all ROCK with UBERNESS
  2. I am about to build a new AMD2 system with the MONSTER Lanparty UT NF590 SLI M2R/G Board and I want to know the Best ram for this board. I have a OCZ Gamers Xtream 700W PSU for it I know this is good for the board but I am unsure about the best Ram.
  3. Just wanted to tell you guys that I went and got a OCZ GameXStream 600w PSU and THAT took care of my Problem. And man does this thing FLY. Thanks for all the help you guys are the best:)
  4. Also I tried with just 1 hard drive, 1 graphics card, and xp pro 64 doesn't even get half way through the install before it crashes and reboots.
  5. I installed the firmware on both my drives seperatly and no go, I still get split sec BSOD on boot after xp pro 64 install. Guys I don't want to go with another CO. I want to stay with DFI. Any other suggestions:confused:
  6. Guys, until I get the firmware from Maxtor, can I set up a RAID array in the sil3114 1.5gb SATA slots?
  7. I sent Maxtor an e-mail saying I need the newer firmware. The reason I didnt have this prob. with the MSI board is because it is only the K8N-SLI version, I would have had the same prob with MSI higher end models "thats prob why they are so scarce now", so I'll wait for the firmware and go from there and in the meantime I'll switch CPU's also to make sure I don't have a prob there:)
  8. I low-level formatted both drives seperatly and no differance, I still get BSOD flash. And I'm not new to RAID, I had a RAID-0 setup on my MSI K8N-SLI board and never ran into this setting it up.
  9. Ok I broke the array and low-level formatted the hard drives seperatly with the Maxtor Powermax cd and that did'nt make a differance.
  10. Also my MSI board has nforce4 chipset and the Maxtors had no problem with it. If my Wife didnt want my MSI and my Athlon 64 3500 for her rig, I'd put it back into mine.:mad:
  11. Read my previous threads, I had a RAID-0 setup on my MSI K8N-SLI Board and did not have any of these problems , nor did I have to low level Formate the same Maxtor Drives that I'm using now. Everything went as smooth as silk.:confused:
  12. I ran Maxtors powermax test and in the installation test it failed the BIOS Extention support test. I'll Low Level Format both drives and let you know how it goes.
  13. Why did'nt I have this problem with my other board?
  14. Ok I did everything and I mean everything, ran Memtest on memory "no errors", Flashed the latest Bios, Downloaded and installed the latest nforce64 raid drivers and did everything with 1 stick of mem and i still get the split second BSOD flash on reboot. I even tried switching from 1 ram slot to another to no avail:confused:
  15. I want to thank everyone for there help with my RAID problems, I have flashed the latest BIOS, mine was from 11/4/05 and now its 4/6/06 and the latest NForce4 RAID drivers installed with no problem. I'll let you guys know how my OS install goes. I know I confused alot of you with all the Threads I made but it was all out of Fear and Frustration and I am DEEPLY sorry for that. Again Thanks to all of you and I'll let you know how everything goes:)
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