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  1. thnx. I'll invest in a new PSU then though I was planning on getting an Ipod finally
  2. Hey, I got my PC back running and I did some tests with my rams: - I tested both sticks I slot 1 (one stick at a time) with memtest I it spit errors like crazy. - Did the same with CPC off, and then I also tried increasing and reducing the ram voltage by 0,1V. Still no progress. - I've taken my little bro's rams (old 2x256 twinmos on tccd chips) and tested them the same way. Both passed memtest without and errors. Still I failed to launch them i dual channel. It seems that slots 3 and 4 just don't work. (I tried putting a single stick in both) All my genie bios setting are set to default - most are on auto. And now I have no idea what can be wrong. Is i t both the mobo and rams? I'll appreciate any help.
  3. Hi, thanks for the info. I think my psu is ok, casue my rams used to work stable in dual channel. Something happpend and for a few months they refused to work in any configuration different than slots 1 and 2. I didn't care about it much just until now, cause gotic3 won't run the way I'd like it to I'll memtest single sticks, clear cmos (did that already but well it won't hurt doin it again) and I'll try disabeling CPC.
  4. Hey, I have a problem with booting up having my rams in the dual channel brackets. The only working configuration is when i put them in sockets 1 and 2, what results in DDR328 single channel. I have tried other bioses, tried putting my rams in other sockets and it doesn't boot up. Three diagnostic LED's stay on and nothing happens. What can possibly be wrong and what can I do about it? My rig is in my sig.
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