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  1. Yeah my oppy 165 is at 2.8ghz, you can high 2.4 on stock voltage no prob, just when you start getting here is where you gotta start playing with voltage. If you dont know what your doing with that i udno if i would overclock very far or you might breaken somthin
  2. I would take the fan and heatsink off and clean as eariler stated. This happend to my old Athlon 2000+. The heatsink can get so cloged with dust that there isnt any movement of air to the cpu and the thermal compound can sit there and just cook up and get chalky, also previously stated. If that dosent help i would suspect the powersupply or memory of going bad. Make sure to check the GPU, i have had a video card's fan starting to go out and my graphics were horrible and my computer would restart itself. Note that the fan wasnt completly dead and still spun, but not enough to move a decent amount of air. Hope this helps!
  3. Yea i told the guy downtown to take out the soundcard and reinstall using onboard but he got the same thing ( i got there and the soundcard was out and he showed me). The pc3200 he put in it was outta his computer so it was cruical or kingston i cant remember which one. Im not sure what else it could be so i might have to send in the motherboard but only thing is i dont wanna wait so long for another board I game on this computer now i will be without gaming for a month haha =( If anyone has any hints or anything either PM me or post up. thanks again
  4. So i talked to the guy downtown about my computer today. He told me that its my motherboard acting up, and its only about a month old! He swapped powersupplys, memory, harddrives, cd-roms, soundcard (tryed onboard) and everything and it just doesnt wanna run. He took my oppy out and put it in another computer and it ran great he said. He then put a 3700 in my setup and thing still errored. So dfi must of had somthin messy with the board or somthin. Is there a switch/circuit that needs to be switched or configured somehow thats making it do it? I really want every other option then to send my board in because of the fact i just got it. Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thank you!
  5. Well just an update on the problem, i went downtown to the computer place where i brought my computer and they told me everything they tried (same as me) and tomorrow they are gunna take out my mobo and test an asus in it to see if they still get the error. If so they think its my oppy causin the problem. Then again they also think that even tho my memory passed memtest that it still could be causing conflicts with the cpu because of the bus speed differences (333 is my mem currently) so tomorrow morning he is going to put pc3200 in it and format and see how it runs before he switches boards. Everything else turned out okay. Any more suggestions?
  6. What sucks is i just brought my computer downtown to have them check it out cuz i was so frustrated and couldnt handle it. Maybe ill get ahold of them in the monring and ask them to check out the sound card. Thank you for your help.:cool:
  7. hey guys. Tonight i thought it would be fun to take my comptuer to a friends house to lan alittle so i did. Booted up just fine then i opened a program and BAM computer shuts off and restarts itself.. so im like uh okay??? then when the windows boot screen comes up it stopes and restarts..So i thought maybe i messed up a driver somehow, so i formated and then is when i started having problems.. First, it would error during windows installation sometimes, and finally i got through windows install fine, and when it restarts to bring you to the first time using windows with the cool techno music, EVERY time i got a Machine_Check_Exception error. I have got this in the past but nothing compared to this. I was thinking it was memory so im on another computer right now, and im running memtest86 on my ram. Gunna run 10 passes of test 5 and 10 passes of test 8. Its at 5 passes with test 5 and no errors currently. A friend of mine that works for a networking company says its possibly my videocard which is brand new so im putting that into consideration. :confused: :confused: Do you think pc4000 will fix my problem? Thanks for any input!
  8. What kind of memory would you recommend? Im looking into pc 3200 or so. What would pc 4000 be like?
  9. The powersupply i bought recently.. it was a Xion i believe, the brand of ram im not really sure of, i bought it awhile ago and put memory coolers on it so i cant really tell, i have 4 512 sticks for the 2 gigs and i took some out and tried to run just a gig and still have problems. Anyone have any tips on how to test memory? this isnt my first system ive built so im pretty sure i didnt hook up anything wrong for i have checked, rechecked, and re re checked and cant find anything. I did install the nvidia firewall that came with the mobo, could that be inflicting anything? Also the nvidia nforce network adapter was installed. Help would be awesome! thank you!
  10. I was recently playing games when i got Irql_Driver_Not_Equal_or_Less, I have also got Machine_Check_Exception too, any clue to what this is? My System is fairly new and im running Windows XP Sp2. Thank ya 4 help
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