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  1. i dont know if angrygames or anyone can help me. last week i was in constant contact with street member [email protected] with the purpose of buying some ddr ram he has for sale in his for sale thread, we aggreed to do busisness and i paid him £50 for the ram which i paid into his paypal account on wed 14th feb , since then i have had no contact from him at all , i have sent him lots of PM's and emails but he is not replying, i had to sell my ram to pay for his so now im stuck with no ram and no contact with him. can anyone help me please im stuck using a very old pc of my dads as i now have no ram for my pc , and im broke after paying for the above mentioned ram , so if anyone has some spare ram i could have or even borrow i would be very greatfull.
  2. going off cpuz my vcore flutcuating between 1.475 / 1.520 but now im @ 280 X 9 = 2.52 vcorer is 1.36 / 1.42
  3. right i have found an image and used image tool , now how do i get it from my pics file to here ?????
  4. ive no idea how to even start getting a Avatar pic added to my profile ... if anyone is doing this for members that if someone could do me a Starwars sign that would be great.
  5. I own a Thermaltake Xaser111 super tower , im desperatly need the set of cables that run from the top ear/mic,usb/firewire port to the relitive connection on m/board, does anyone have a spare set or know where i can get some from , surley they are all standard for thermaltake cases .
  6. can anyone tell mi if a 1gb dual channel kit of Centon DDR1 PC4000 BH5 UTT (Model A2X512S4000LLU) Rated 2-2-2-5 will be a better upgrade from a 1gb kit of Geil value ram GE1GB3200BHDC rated 2.5 6-3-3
  7. i am after buying a decent sound card with/without live drive or a cpu water cooling kit . either would be great but i can only afford one at the moment so please be as cheap as poss and pref in the uk
  8. mine is the OICW Advanced Assault Rifle , this is just awsome great game , infact im going to install it again now i have my new opty ,,,has anyone tried the taccto map ????? the granades are better
  9. s1ick or anyone out there , is anyone doing custom sig again yet i want a starwars sig please anything will do
  10. i have a spare ultra d i/o plate , dont know if it will fit an expert though , but if anyone need one its there free of charge , you just pay postage ,
  11. i had to check it out before i got it as i had never heard of them either ,,,
  12. i have a Western Digital 80gb 10,000rpm Raptor , this is 80gb and not 74gb , dell use these in there top end xps systems , approx 4 months old , wanting to swap for 2 x 36gb raptors or 1 x 36gb raptor and ???? .
  13. right the opty is in with no bios change just done five hours of dual prime with no errors with cpu at 285 x 9 = 2.56ghz will do it again overnight for 12 hours but im no o/c anymore im happy with that on air for now
  14. right i have my nrw opty in hand and will instal it in the next few hours ... i will let you know how i get on . also tasr when i have my E.Z selector card in single video mode with one gpu in my pc will not boot up i get alot of beeps,,i have to have the E.Z selector card in dual video mode to get my pc to boot... is this affecting the preformence of my gpu running at onlu pci-e x8
  15. yes i di and the dual core optimizer whats your view on the bios change when my new opty comes tomorrow , do i keep the 1016 or change to 1017.2 like it says on the asus website what do you know about the stepping code on my opty x2 165 OVER-CLOCK CODE: LCB9E - OEM
  16. radiohead- sorry i did not amend my sig , im now using an asus a8n sli delux m/board not the dfi ultra d . does what you said apply the same with the asus board ????
  17. , from what i have found on the asus wabsite when i come to put my new opty 165 in i will have to update the bios from 1016 now with an amd x2 4200+ ,,,, to bios 1017.2beta with the opty... when i come to do this do i put the new opty in first then update the bios or update the bios then put the new opty in ????? if the answer is the second option of updating the bios first would it be ok to do it now with the x2 4200 cpu in
  18. I have just recieved an AMD ATHLON OPTERON 165 X2 1.800 GHz DUAL CORE, L2 CACHE SIZE 2MB SOCKET 939 - SERVER PROCESSOR OVER-CLOCK CODE: LCB9E - OEM can anyone tell me if this is a good cpu ??? good o/c ???? is it better than my x2 4200+ ???
  19. i live in Macclesfield ,cheshire , uk , which is famous for scoreing against Chelsea in the FA cup
  20. ACEGOOBER OR S1ICK OR ANYONE can anyone do me different starwars sig than the one i have my new specs THERMALTAKE XASER111 ASUS A8N SLI DELUX ARCTIC PRO 64 HS&F AMD X2 4200+ ATI RADEON X1950 PRO 512MB 2 X 512MB GEIL PRO RAM 80GB WD RAPTOR 10,000 SAMSUNG WRITESCRIBE DVDRW HIPER TYPE R 580W XP PRO SP2
  21. thanks mate im still thinking of rma ing it though ,
  22. i have just sold my two 7800 gtx's as i could not get them to run in sli ( i tried about 100 different things to make it work with no success, anyway i have just purchassed a new Sapphire Radeon X1950 PRO 512MB PCI-Express GDDR3 DVI gpu ........ 1st.. is this a good choice 2nd.. my pc will not boot up at all when the E.Z selector switch is in single videa card mode, i get lots of beeps and a voice message saying vga not recognised...when i switch to dual card mode it works fine but with it being only x8 pci-e will it affect any performance ??? im now using a ASUS A8N SLI DELUX
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