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    i have the chance to get a Asus p5n-e sli & 2gb ocz gold pc6400 800mhz for next to nothing from a freind , i am in the posistion to buy a m/b & ram full price which is what i will be doing asap anyway , its just cos my mate is upgrading and i can get a few bits really cheap. im not really any good at o/c ( i could only get my old opty 165 to 2.2 ):sad: so i dont suppose i will be doing much o/c as 2.4 is enough for my gaming ( though it would be nice to get a 3ghz pc):) so i suppose i have just answered my own Q , but any ideas will be read and thought about or i can buy my sig rig from same freind , i used to keep his garden clean & tidy for money before my short stay at one of her majestys establishments plus he lives very near me so we are good mates, i know some of you will say just take the sig rig but i have and own an intel C2D E600 so it would be a shame to not use it and i suppose i just want a better system ....
  2. thanks for the welcomes back , i hope to be getting a better pc very soon as im borrowing the one in my sig. i like to play my games on high
  3. well hi again , sorry ive not been about for a bit as ive actually been in Prison for a crime i did not commit and for non payment of fines which i could not afford to pay so i got an extra 2 weeks for that ,..:sad:
  4. thanks tec , i m quite alright at lapping , ive done a few heatsinks in the past im very new to water cooling , ive just bought a TT big water 735 as my first try at it . any sudgestions
  5. thanks all i will give it a try
  6. is it ok to use Arctic silver 5 on the cpu block for water cooling and also is it ok to lap the water block or leave it as it is ???
  7. when i plug anything into my top case usb ports i get a message on desktop saying that the usb port is overloaded ??? that with only one usb joystick plugged in any ideas
  8. right ive come into quite alot of money and am just starting to build a dream pc ( selling sig rig on street ) anyway i was going to build it around a c2d E6600 which i have had for a while now but i was desperate to buy something to start off with so i have bought a Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700 Kentsfield 2.66GHz LGA 775 for £325 off one of my fathers freinds so thats where im begining my build , as for ram i have this on order Mushkin 4GB(2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Dual Channel Kit and i will be adding 2 x 150 raptor x 's hdd in raid0 ,my gpu will be a 8800 gtx of some sort, i will be using my Armor case and i am hoping i can convince my girlfreind that water cooling is safe and wont leak so that i can get a water cool kit. so to get started i need to order a M/board , thats where i get stuck ????? any ideas for my dream pc . p.s = i will be using for gaming and light internet use mostly . thanks in advanced ..
  9. ive just been given a new cpu cooler to try and have if i want it . http://www.hardwarezone.com/news/view.php?id=6474 has anyone got one of these in there rig ?? is it any good ?? is it better than my arctic pro 64 ???
  10. i have £53 gbp in my paypal account , does anyone have a water cooling kit for sale .
  11. im after a saphire radeon x1950 pro pcie graphics card to run crossfire with my current one .
  12. im in the united kingdom
  13. i want a black facia floppy drive ,free if poss or as cheap as poss
  14. the highest ive been is 270 but one of the cores failed after 3 hours in prime95, the other went on for 6 hours before i stoped it . model is 2x1GB Corsair CMX1024-3200C2PT dual channel kit
  15. i have just moved to this board , why must you update the bios ???? it is a new board with bios 0602 installed , do i need to up date my bios ?
  16. on my old asus a8n sli delux m/board i had my cpu @2.6 prime 95 stable 12hours, centon pc400 ram my sig board i can only get up to 2.4 ( 265 x 9 ), with the corsair ram running at - cpuz frequency - 170.3 fsb:dram - cpu/14 cas latency - 3.0 clocks ras to cas delay - 2 clocks ras purcharge -2 clocks cycletime (tras) 6 clocks bank cycle time (trc) 8 clocks command rate - 2T dram idle timer - 16 clocks what would i have to tweek to get the cpu/ram running any faster 3dmark 06 - 4968
  17. i just looked at the fan specs and everything is right , its pointing in the right dir after all , hot air blowing out the back towards the 120mm fan ... duh that goes to everyone that did not notice as well ...duh
  18. the toaster one is great i will use that one for what i need cheers
  19. soundblaster live platium 5.1 soundcard - £15 + £5 p+p in uk please pm with overseas quotes i good condition , comes in original box with , sound card , live drive , remote , mic , all cables . accept paypal , cheque , bank transfer heat - neilcha ebay - neil7384 http://img267.imageshack.us/img267/3679/imag0009sj5.jpg
  20. untill i sort this out my pc is running at the asus overclock profile by 10% so my cpu is [email protected] 2.1 and the ram is @141mhz 3.0-2-2-6 , im still learning about o/c , i can do the cpu but the ram i do not understand , when i get the cpu running @ 2.5 my ram is at 133 im not sure what &how to change .
  21. is there anywhere i can find a "DFI STREET " wallpaper/ desktop
  22. i have now finnished setting up my pc but one thing conserns me and that it that because of the N/bridge cooler i can not have my cpu fan pointing out towards the back of my case because the clip will not close because the N/B cooler is in the way , so i have mounted it pointing forwards towards the front of the case but its blowing all the hot air directly over my ram . is this a potential problem , will the ram over heat ??? i have orderd a new side pannel for my Armor with a 25cm intake fan which will blow cool air over everything .
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