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  1. Please Can Someone Help Me. I Need A I/o Back Plate For My Motherboard " Dfi Lanparty Ut Nf4 Ultra D " Please Does Anybody Out There Have One Or Knows Where I Can Get One From .
  2. To Be Honest Im Very New To This And Im Not Sure What To Do . Sorry
  3. PLEASE PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP ME I NEED A I/O BACK PLATE FOR MY MOTHERBOARD DFI LANPARTY UT NF4 ULTRA D any ideas would be greatfully recieved any upgrade recomendations would be welcome thermaltake xaser 111 super tower dfi ut nf4 ultra d amd x2 4200+ akaska amber 9cm fan + heatsink 2 gb samsung ram leadtek 7800 gtx gpu 450/1250 samsung writmaster dvdrw coloursit 600w psu
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