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  1. right i have built it up pluggrd everything in and powered on , Nothing , theres a red led for showing a psu is connected buts thats it , when i do press the on button the other little green led comes in for a split second and the fans start to turn but then dont . could this be a cold boot thing , i dont know what that means but i read about a few times .

    any ideas

  2. can not believe this , just got an email to say the gigabyte board is not in stock for 3 weeks , so im now having a ABIT IP35 Dark Raider 775 . they have it in stock and are sending it out to me today , ive read some bits on the abit board and it reads ok so we shall see.

  3. Tried doing a min build with no joy at all same screen freeze . :sad::sad:


    right i have had to sell my PNY gpu so i could buy a new m/board, i have bought a New ASUS P5K AiLifestyle Series 775 p35. please tell me this was a good choice ? as long as i can o/c to 3.0ghz im happy . :)

  4. Right my new card came today and first try it did not work again so i tried everything with no joy , i tried reseting the CMOS with no joy i even tried taking the little battery out and doing the CMOS clear , then after hours of staring at it i have found that my case is slightly out of shape so the gpu card was not sitting in the pcie slot properly so i had to bend the metal fixing a mm upwards and it fitted in right then i tried rebooting the pc would not start up , it goes through all the post then at the post screen where you can press del to enter bios it freezes , if i press del straight away after the beeps it says at bottom entering set-up but goes no further, its as if there is no bios there to even enter. please any ideas im at my wits end with this, im not bothered about sli anymore i just want a working pc but as i said it wont go past the post screen. please help .

  5. can someone give me a link to a good anti spyware programe ? ive been getting spyware pop ups from MS saying windows will be shut down soon to limit coruption , i need a good free antispyware programe that will find the spyware AND GET RID OF IT, all the ones like adaware just detect it not get rid of it .

  6. that sounds like a sweet deal; now you just have to upgrade the other one to a GTX.


    not sure how im going to do that as my m/board's other pcie slots dont work.ASUS just keep telling me to try different things to get them to work which i try but with no luck , then they said i had to send it back to the seller i got it from and they can RMA it , but i bought it from someone on the dredded ebay so im not sure what to do now, i suppose i could sell my pny 8800gts and my slightly faulty Striker and put the money towards a new m/board, now im getting a gtx i dont think i need to go sli, i have been looking at a few Gigabyte boards ( any recomendations or any thought as to what i should do) i do not have another pc to use so down time will have to be a minimum.

  7. first off Radodrill yes i was using the sli bridge that came with the striker , i tried it both ways round , but i dont think that was an issue as nothing was detecting the second card in the system anyway ,


    I paid for the M/board with a Postal order ( if you know what one of them is ? if not , i took £125 to the Postoffice and they give me a kind of certificate which i then post off to the seller then he takes it to a Post office or his bank and they give him £125 cash , so im not sure about a reciept, i have just sent a request off to asus so i will have to wait to see what they say.

    Thanks for all your help over this , i know its not worked out for me because of my board but i know the advise you gave me was spot on , can i leave you feedback anywhere for being very helpful ??

  8. ok radodrill there has been a big change to everything ,

    i think my other PCIe slots do not work, both cards work in top slot , when i have both cards in only one is detected in "divman" ( strange i thought) i then tried one card in the other slots (no bootup either way) i then put both cards in and floppy booted and at the /A prompt i typed " nvflash -a " to list the adapters and it only listed the one card in the top pcie slot , so this leads me to think that my m/board's bottom pcie slots dont work , i bought the board off ebay , the man said it was a "unwanted replacement" , when it came the box was a little worn on the opening flap but everything in the box was fully wrapped un opened and the m/board its self looked shiney brandnew.

    now what to do ??could i RMA the m/board to asus ? i dont have a reciept but i have registered the board with asus in my name .

    In the meantime im going to RMA the BFG card to see what i get back, my card was the first 8800gts bfg bought out and there has been a few more versions since then so i may get lucky and get something better , ( fingers crossed ) .

    im not really sure what to do even if i can RMA the m/board as i have no other one to use while mine is RMA'ed.

  9. can i just make sure i have the cards in the right slots ?

    my striker has 3 PCIe slots , 2 x blue & 1 x white one in the middle of the two blue ones. when using one card i put it in the top blue one . when using two i put the cards in both blue slots ? is that right ??

  10. ive tried using NiBiTor but i can not do it ,,hhmmmmm


    ive not tried flashing the PNY card with a BFG bios yet , but to me if i can not work out the right command one way i proberly wont be able to do it the other way, so when you say back up the bios from one card and flash it , do i use nvflash to back up the bfg card which is in my pc now ? ( by that do i just have on a bootable floppy NVFLASH and CWSDPMI files ) ?? so then do i type at the /A nvflash -b or do i type /A nvflash.exe -b ??? . that will then copy my bfg bios to where ?? . then i change to the pny card and reboot to /A then what do i type ??


    thanks for being so patiant with me radodrill

  11. just tried what you said , and i still get

    I/O ERROR cannot open PNY8800GTS320.rom or what ever file name i use ,

    this has to be so simple to you but i must be doing somthing wrong , i bet your cursing me ,lol,


    im proberly going to RMA it and then sell it brand new and then but another PNY one if this does not work.

  12. someone upon high does not want me to do this , lol

    im doing everything you guys say , at /A prompt ive tried typing

    nvflash.exe P.N.Y.8800GTS.PCIe.320MB.Rev.01.rom

    " -4 -5 -6 "

    " -5 -6 "

    " -5 -6 -A -Y "


    and i keep getting the same message -- " cannot open P.N.Y.8800GTS.PCIe.320MB.Rev.01.rom"


    when i D/L the bios file it then goes to win-zip , then i extract it to the floppy

    i do the same with nvflash as well is that right ?

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