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  1. well the topic says it all. so how about it will it work with my fx . i've been hearing some nice things about this particular bios and how fantastic is for ram.
  2. yes like the other allready said opty is way to go. you wont regret it, and plus there are pretty cheap now a days.
  3. hey you really should torture your chip even more and give it more volts and see how high can you go..... you know want to
  4. have you cheaked that is your heatsink making a good contact with the cpu,
  5. actually i allso suspectec that i may have some crap doing damage to my system and ran a some spyware and virus prorgrams earlier before i posted here. and no all in the task manager looks to be just fine........ wierd:confused:
  6. Hi gues this is my first post here, i've been lurking in these forums for while now and finally desided to register. Ok to the proplem. i'm experiensing some sound proplems with my mobo, after an hour or so all sounds just desapear, and this hapens on a totally randomly, what in the world whould cause this, corrupted sound codecs? is my board is starting to fall apart? or something else. and the sound desapears during games and while i'm on windows. :sad:
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